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Book Review: An Integrative Approach to Leader Development

Book Reviews / January 2009

David V Day Integrative Leadership coverLaura SantanaDavid Day, Michelle Harrison, and Stanley Halpin. An Integrative Approach to Leader Development: Connecting Adult Development, Identity, and Expertise. New York: Taylor & Frances Group, Routledge (2009).

Mindful of the fragmented approaches to developing leaders and leadership, these authors have thoughtfully integrated fields of inquiry (cognitive, social, organizational, developmental and organizational psychology, identity theory, competency/behavior) in one comprehensive, well-documented book. The authors point out that given the complexity of an interdependent system (a human organism—a …

Student Paper: Integral Theory’s Contribution to Leader and Leadership Development

Learner Papers / June 2008

Laura SantanaAbstract:Increasing complexity and demands of leadership in the twenty-first century challenge leaders to find effective and meaningful ways of leading, challenge our thinking about how cultures and systems can support the emergence of leadership, and seek solutions to unexpected challenges that face our organizations and societies. Integral philosophy offers a unifying lens to advance an understanding of leadership by including the complexity of individual and collective considerations of interior and exterior realms. A theory at