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CODA: An Integral Approach Described

Coda / April 2005

Michael Bauwens

A newsletter about participation in multiple worlds, multiple visions, but one humanity ; a monitor of P2P developments ISSUE 65: April 20, 2005

If you would place explanatory theories about the evolution of matter/life/ consciousness into two axes, one defined as the “relative attention given to either the parts or to the whole” and another as “relative attention given to difference or to similarities,” integral theory would be that kind of hermeneutical system that pays most …

Feature Article: P2P and the Corporation ~ Foundation for P2P Alternatives

Feature Articles / February 2005

In the material to follow I believe we have an example of the analysis that is still so underdeveloped of the lower quadrants of the integral model. While the focus is not leadership, per se, it is certainly about the cultures and systems in which leadership emerges. The immediate challenge it presents, from my point of view, is to explore the implications of this analysis for our understanding of leadership in business environments—be they corporate or