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Feature Articles / June 2010

Transdisciplinarity in Higher Education
The Path of Arizona State University

by Sue McGregor and Russ Volckmann

This is the second article in a five-part series about transdisciplinarity (TD) in higher education. In an attempt to profile universities on a journey towards transdisciplinarity, we are starting with Arizona State University (ASU), a major and growing American university. Its president, Michael Crow, has billed ASU as a model for the New American University. ASU has created a powerful …


Feature Articles / March 2010

Making the Transdisciplinary University a Reality
by Sue L.T. McGregor and Russ Volckmann

mcgregorvolckmannThe purpose of this article is to introduce a new series for Integral Leadership Review. One of the many streams of thought that we have been featuring here is transdisciplinary. See the articles by Sue McGregor (2009a) and another by Predrag Cicovaki (2009) in previous issues. Almost a year ago Russ learned of an effort at Arizona State University to develop transdisciplinary …