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4/28 – Transfiguring the Everyday: Socio-Cultural Ontologies and Philosophical Transgression

April-June 2016 / Feature Articles

Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz transfiguring

Michael Schwartz



Disenchantment, Philosophy, Meta-Philosophy

Disenchantment is a recurring, if at times underground, concern in contemporary continental and comparative philosophy. To get some quick bearings, let us recall Weber’s famous characterization of modern instrumental reason and its rationalizing processes as dissolving and displacing pre-modern senses of an inherently meaningful and magical world. Similarly, in a more directly philosophical register, Heidegger’s history of being culminates in the reign of Gestell, a mode …

6/16 – On Bhaskarian and Laskean Dialectics

April - June 2015 / Feature Articles

(In Memory of Roy Bhaskar 1944-2014)

Michael Schwartz

M schwarz

Michael Schwartz

Roy Bhaskar, who passed away last fall, was a leading philosopher and meta-disciplinarian who founded the school of Critical Realism, an international academic movement encompassing many research domains, including an annual international conference, a peer-reviewed journal, and four active book series on Routledge press. Bhaskar himself wrote eleven books and edited many others, his philosophical itinerary now well documented. Starting out as a young man in …