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Notes from the Field: Design Me a Planet, Austria

Notes from the Field / October 2011


Review of Design Me a Planet

Michel Nguyen The

“Design Me a Planet” (“Dessine-moi une planète”) is the name of project founded by Michel Saloff-Coste and which is still in construction. The name comes from the sentence “Dessine-moi un mouton !” (“Draw me a sheep!”) taken from The Little Prince from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The idea is to create a think-and-do-tank on the theme of creating a vision for the future, and not only incrementing …

Notes from the Field: Integral University Day, Paris

Notes from the Field / October 2011


Review of 12th Integral University Day

Michel Nguyen The

On Tuesday 24th May 2011 took place the 12th day of the Parisian Integral University. The theme was “integral societies and politics”. Many speakers were part of the Club of Budapest: Ervin Laszlo himself, Bénédicte Fumey, Carine Dartiguepeyrou and Michel Saloff-Coste. Edgar Morin was on the agenda but was too tired to make it as he was between other conferences. Alain Gauthier made a …

Book Review: La Voie. Pour l’avenir de l’humanité

Book Reviews / March 2011

This Way, Please!
Review of Edgar Morin’s, La Voie. Pour l’avenir de l’humanité

Michel Nguyen The


In his last book and essay La Voie (The Way, January 2011), Edgar Morin shows us the way, for the future of humanity (as suggested by the subtitle).  He makes it clear that he is talking about the Way with a capital letter, as in French the words in titles do not have to be capitalized this …

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / January 2010

Integral University in Paris
Michel Nguyen

michel TheSo far, the Integral University (“Université Intégrale” in French) in Paris refers to a cycle of conferences organized by the French chapter of the Club of Budapest, based on an idea put forward by Michel Saloff-Coste. It is not an institute as such, as it is still in its developing stages. The idea is to organize one-day seminars on various themes in cooperation with speakers, theoreticians as well as practitioners. …