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Leadership and The Body

Feature Articles / March 2012

Mark Walsh


A discussion of leadership must include the body to be integral – we are embodied creatures and this is a core part of our being. Traditional theories of leadership have, however, ignored embodiment, coming from what is a hyper-rational cognitively biased world-view this is not, perhaps, surprising. Encouragingly though, the topic of embodiment has been finding its way back into both organisations and leadership colleges in the UK, as well as becoming the …

Featured Article: Embodied Intelligence: An Integral View of the Body, An AQAL Model of Embodied Phenomena and Practices

Feature Articles / March 2011

Mark Walsh

What is exactly is physical intelligence? What are some of the ways your body can be experienced, employed and developed? How do we make sense of the multitude of embodied practices now available to do this?

This paper is intended for those with at least a passing familiarity with Ken Wilber’s integral theory and interested in the body. In it I lay out some of the fundamentals of an integral theory of the body …

Featured Article: Integral Training and Embodied Business

Feature Articles / June 2009

mark walshI run a training and coaching company that works with stress management, leadership and team building amongst other things. What we’ve discovered is that training that isn’t integral doesn’t work very well as something is left out. I like integral because it gets the job done and allows you to be a human being doing it. I am not an integral philosopher but a “nuts and bolts” kinda guy who works with practical problems.

Quadrants at …

Feature Article: Learning Integral the Hard Way: An Autobiographical Account of Martial Arts, Peace and the Pieces of the Puzzle

Feature Articles / October 2008

Ken Bloody Wilber

Mark WalshIntegral theory irritates the hell out of me because I didn’t find it sooner and I had to make up a sketchy version of it myself. This article isn’t about all the great ways I use the Integral map now, but how I learnt what it was the hard way, out there in the big bad, non-theoretical world. Eggheads beware this is one messy omelette.

Before I knew what integral was I was …