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1/20 –Education as Development – Integral Transformative Vision for Africa

Feature Articles / January-February 2014

Oliver Ngodo 


Africa’s problems keep mounting, assuming greater complexity by day. Concerned individuals and groups seek solutions in their different areas of interest or specialization, thus being partial ab initio, with the result that their different perspectives are everything except holistic. Solutions proffered consequently differ greatly among scholars and practitioners on even the basic definition of what these problems are.

All around the continent, people look up to leadership for comfort, but this does …

Expanding the Boundaries of Our Capacities through Working toward Experiencing Transformative Learning in Service

Feature Articles / October 2012

Oliver Ngodo


Some people would recall that some time they simply become aware that they have gone through a ‘peak’ experience; they have reached an ecstatic moment – no, much more than just a moment, but a permanent state, resulting in greater clarity and understanding. That’s like when your consciousness expanded – and you knew it. You just see yourself as a fresh product! That’s me, coming out of some two years of situations and …

International Leadership Conference and Integral Leadership Education Program in Nigeria

Supplement / January 2012

Oliver Ngodo

November 2011 will go down as very significant in the history of Integral Movement globally. 16 – 18 of the month marked the graduation of the trainees of what may be one of the first formal and publicly acknowledged Integral Leadership Education Program in the world; certainly this is the first of its kind in Africa. This very significant event was packaged for great impact and it did generate great ululation not only all …

Notes from the Field: Leading from Within: Integral Applications to Sustainability in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Notes from the Field / June 2011

Leading from Within: Integral Applications to Sustainability in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Oliver Ngodo

Tuesday May 17, 2011, His Excellency the High Commissioner of Canada to Nigeria, Chris Cooter, was on a working visit to One Sky offices in Calabar. This visit marked the conclusion of the 10th of the 12 rounds of Intensives designed for the Leading From Within Project. This project, which started in 2008, was designed to develop more individual leadership and …

Notes from the Field: African Integral Development Network (AIDEN) 2010 International Conference

Notes from the Field / January 2011

Oliver Ngodo

Saturday December 11, 2010, AIDEN held its first International conference in the main auditorium of One Sky, the Canadian Institute of Sustainable Living, in Calabar, the capital city of Nigeria’s South-South state of Cross River. This event elicited free-flowing expressions of joy and fulfillment from participants – the reality of AIDEN is a dream fulfilled. The conference featured opening ceremony, plenary sessions and general assembly. In attendance were top Cross River State Government and …

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / June 2010

Asia Business Forum
Integral Perspective–The State of Awareness in Southeast Asia

by Oliver Ngodo

It was a momentous event. From March 22-25, the Asia Business Forum (ABF) meticulously packaged an International Conference on “Branding and Marketing Asia Higher Education” for countries in the South East Asia sub-region. The brainstorming sessions took place at the cozy JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. The sub-region is made up of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, …