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The Relationship between Spiral Dynamics and the Gell-Mann Curve

Feature Articles / March 2012

Raghu Ananthanarayanan

I had a very enlightening conversation with scientist Dr. S. Naranan who works in the area of cosmic energy and particle physics, but also bends his considerable intellect towards linguistics. He is part of a duo – Balasubramanian and Naranan, highly respected researchers who have published several papers on linguistics. The two papers in the journal Quantitative Linguistics discuss complexities of language and entropy. I was intrigued by the discussions and wondered if we …

Feature Article: Exploring What Is Indian: A Parable and a Discussion

Feature Articles / January 2011

Raghu Ananthanarayanan

A Parable:

A young woman had committed suicide. She was the daughter of a respected village elder. It was an open secret that this girl was in love with a boy who belonged to a lower caste, but who was educated and lived in the “city.” He held a good job.

The village local Governing Body (Panchayat) sat together to decide what to do. The first decision they made was not to bring …

Leadership Coaching Tip: Manager, Hero and Leader

Leadership Coaching Tips / January 2011

Manager, Hero and Leader

Raghu Ananthanarayanan

India is going through a remarkable transformation. It is racing towards becoming a leader on the world stage. In doing that it is leapfrogging over many stages of growth that the west has been through. The IT and Telecom Industries vie with the best in the world, its infrastructure groans and often gives up. Its Engineering Industries are becoming vendors to the world but lack world-class innovation. Its educational base …

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / January 2011

January 2011 Issue

Before turning this column over to the Guest Editor of this special issue on India I want to share some of my own relationship to that amazing subcontinent. When I was a senior in college (1960-61) I took a two semester seminar in political science, my major, that required a significant research paper in each semester. There were two things that I knew about India that intrigued me (and much of the rest …

Feature Article: Leadership in Indian Corporations Through the SDi Lens

Feature Articles / August 2008

Raghu AnanthanarayanIs there a case to understand leadership in a developing nation differently from Leadership in a developed economy? I do not suggest that I know the answer by I do realize that an enquiry into this question will be worthwhile. By comparing my experience of working with a few organizations in India, I am hoping to draw attention to some important aspects of the question.

Let me first put down a few assumptions I am making:…