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8/31 – Leadership, Mindflow and the Integral Point of It All: The role of Integral Leadership in bringing mindfulness and flow to the workplace

Feature Articles / August-November 2017

Ron Cacioppe


This article reviews the definitions, characteristics and research dealing with mindfulness, meditation and flow and their positive effects on individual health, interpersonal relations, workplace engagement and performance improvement. This article explores the role of integral leadership to provide conditions for mindfulness in flow (mindflow) using an integral framework.

There is growing interest in both mindfulness and flow in the workplace, but the role of leadership in developing mindfulness in flow is seldom considered. …

8/31 – Ron Cacioppe

Letters to Russ / August-November 2017

Footprints to Integral Leadership

‘In a quiet way, you shake the world” Mahatma Gandhi

I only saw a slight portion of Russ’s life, like watching the light from a candle through a narrow slit a long way away. I live in Perth, Australia, Russ was in the United States, a long way away. My contact with him was only through emails and phone calls. I knew him as the editor, originator, guardian, power source, gate …

Book Review: Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?

Book Reviews / March 2011

Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones, Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?
What It Takes to Be an Authentic Leader

Ron Cacioppe

Many companies are managed not by leaders, but by role players and boring bureaucrats. But what does it take to be a real leader—one who is confident in who she is and what she stands for, and who truly inspires people to achieve extraordinary results? In their book: Why Should Anyone Be Led by


Leading Comments / January 2009

Please note: You have an opportunity to nominate the most important publication related to Integral Leadership in 2008. See the Announcements section of this issue for information about how you can make your nomination.—RV

Ron CacioppeThis is a special issue of Integral Leadership Review that focuses on Integral Leadership in Australia. It includes a leadership quotation, an interview, two reviews of materials published by authors in Australia, and several important articles contributing to the discussion of …

Feature Article: The Integral 360° Leadership and Management Profile: An Extra-ordinary Approach for Leadership Development

Feature Articles / August 2007

Ron CacioppeIntroduction: A 360° Profile to Develop Integral Leadership

“There is clear evidence of a radical paradigm shift in the practice of management development—from the dominant emphasis on the superficial level of behavioural skills to the deeper and more powerful level of developing consciousness.”
>H. Harung, D. Heaton and C. Alexander

The development of leadership skills is an important part of the success of every organisation in the current rapidly changing economic, technical and social environment. Leadership …

Feature Article: Marsilio Ficino: Magnus of the Renaissance, Shaper of Leaders

Feature Articles / March 2007


Ron CacioppeThis article summarizes the life of Marsilio Ficino, a philosopher, priest and scholar, and his profound influence on the Renaissance. The major events and achievements of Ficino’s work are described along with his physical characteristics, personality and life style. Marsilio Ficino translated the major works of Plato and other ancient philosophers and convinced the leading thinkers of the Catholic church to modify their view of the relationship of reason to belief. He also helped redefine …