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Feature Articles / March 2010

Five Spiraling Cycles of Transformational Learning
A Systems Map for Integral Self-Managers/Leaders

by Robert Wayne Johnston

As you probably know much has been written in various and sundry publications about the persistent paucity of effective leaders. My management consulting and business school teaching experience over several decades tells me much of the cause lies in our lack of focus on conscious integral self-management as a vital prerequisite for effective leadership.

My definition of integral self-managing includes …

Feature Article: Integral Leader – Follower Relationships: Options in 4-D

Feature Articles / October 2006


Robert Johnston One way or another, we are all both leaders and followers. The value of an integral understanding of leaders and followers seems to have become heightened commensurate with a dramatic increase in the uncertainty and complexity involved in doing business throughout the world, especially since 9/11. To complicate matters further and create even more stress in our organizations, our workers are better-educated and consequently less amenable to top-down one-way direction, unless, perhaps, in emergency situations.