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Don Beck and the New Face of Philanthropy

October 2012 / Notes from the Field

Rafael Nasser

Rafael Nasser

It has been years since I experienced Dr. Don Beck work his magic in a crowd. The last time I saw him in action was in NYC about four or five years ago. It was wintertime, and before the event, I recall him describing with childlike glee the excitement he felt walking past the Macy’s storefront that was ornamented with bright Christmas lights. It was an endearing moment that revealed one of …

Note from the field: Steve McIntosh and Carter Phipps Unplugged

March 2008 / Notes from the Field

Steve McIntosh is the CEO and created Now & Zen’s brand aesthetic by combining the harmonic proportions of sacred geometry with motifs from traditional Japanese culture. This has resulted in product designs that have a timeless, universal appeal. Prior to the incorporation of Now & Zen, Inc. in 1995, Steve was Director of Corporate Development and General Counsel of Celestial Seasonings tea company. He is the author ofIntegral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution.

Feature Article: Awakening the Integral Self: A Historical Sweep of Human Emergence

January 2007 / Feature Articles

Rafi NasserThe recent discovery of bones at Ethiopia’s Lake Omo indicates that our species is approximately two hundred thousand years old. That observation suggests that 10,000 generations of anatomically modern humans have roamed the planet. During this span of time humanity has undergone six discernable Waves of Emergence with a seventh underway.

Historically this process unfolded at a measured pace, each wave propagating and maturing leisurely over millennia and more recently over centuries. But the frequency of …

Feature Article: “Consciousizing” the Middle East: Don Beck in Israel and Palestine, Part 2

June 2006 / Feature Articles

“There will be twenty seven of us seated around a long U-shaped table. One of the walls consists of a series of large square glass windows overlooking the silky blue Mediterranean rolling onto the sandy shore.” I was describing to Don Beck the room where the first-ever three-day Spiral Dynamics Level 1 training in Israel would be held. “You’ll be competing with the sea for our attention.”

He grinned, “I’ll take my chances.”

The first two …

CODA: A foot with Don Beck in the Middle East

March 2006 / Coda

Rafael NasserOn November 12, 2004, the day Yasser Arafat was buried in Ramallah, I landed in Ben Gurion airport. Ten days earlier I had watched a team of professional movers disassemble my cozy Manhattan apartment and stuff the contents into 117 cardboard boxes bound to follow me across the Atlantic to my new home, Tel Aviv. After the movers left I stood alone in the bare-walled living room and in the eerie silence I questioned my decision