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Stuart Davis and Integral New York – An Intimate Dialogue

Notes from the Field / June 2012

Robin Reinach

Stuart Davis shared himself, his art, and his thoughts about the Integral Movement with members of Integral New York. On April 20, we met at the TAI center— located at 150 West 30th Street—a new venue for Integral events in NYC. The room was lovely in its starkness, the walls were black, and the audience of about 40 surrounded Stuart in wide rows of a semi-circles. Stuart sported a tee shirt that he …

Notes from the Field: Integral New York Explores Empathy

Notes from the Field / January 2011

Robin Reinach

On the eve of winter, Integral New York examined empathy and “the miracle of we.” Gilles Herrada led twenty-four Ken Wilber Meet Up participants in exploring questions such as: How important is empathy to Integral theory? How does empathy look through the lens of the four quadrants? And how do we each experience and act (or not act) on empathy in our daily lives?

As New Yorkers, we began by acknowledging our ambivalent responses …

Notes From the Field: Integral Coaching Canada, May 12-16 2008, Washington D.C.

Notes from the Field / June 2008

Robin ReinachIntegral Coaching Canada Inc., currently the only coaching training program officially partnered by Integral Institute, offered their first US training in Washington DC this May. I attended the five day seminar that kicks off Module 1: Foundation and Apprenticeship and was instantly impressed with this embodied, nuts and bolts application of AQAL theory to the coachingprocess. I am happy to report that, in my opinion, the ICC training putsKen Wilber’s AQAL theory to immediate use for