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Martin Ucik, Author of Integral Relationships, in Discourse with Integral New York

Notes from the Field / January 2012

Barbara Larisch and Robin Reinach

Does Integral make us happier? Martin Ucik questioned at the beginning of his presentation to Integral New York on Oct. 17, 2011. This issue hung in the air throughout Ucik’s presentation at iNY’s beautiful new home at One Spirit Interfaith on West 36th Street. Our long rectangular room was packed with double the usual number of participants, sitting in rows of chairs lined tightly together, instead of our usual loose …

Notes from the Field: Blind Spots and Pathologies at the Top of the Spiral

Notes from the Field / June 2011

Blind Spots and Pathologies at the Top of the Spiral—Notes From the Field

Robin Reinach and Barbara Larisch

Integral New York started spring 2011 with an exploration of the possible flaws, foibles, and shadowy missteps of individuals at 2nd Tier. One question that arose at the beginning of the meet up was about splits that occurred during the last few years at the highest levels of Integral leadership. How have these splits trickled down to …