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The Value of Experience or the Leadership of the Heart (Colin Bigelow in Spain)

Notes from the Field / January 2013

Raquel Torrent

My name is Raquel Torrent, a Spanish woman that has been introducing and developing Integral Consciousness in Spain since 2003, thanks to my work as a psychologist, Integral counselor and teacher. On top of that I am a clear example of a dream come true.

To explain such a statement, I have already shared part of my story with the readers of the Integral Leadership Review in previous issues, but for those who have …

More Fresh Perspective: Ken Wilber and Raquel Torrent in Denver

Fresh Perspective / October 2011

Ken Wilber, American philosopher, has been a prolific writer and contributor of Integral Theory in relation to self development and application across all domains of human activity.

Raquel Torrent, founder and former President of the Spanish Integral Association (2005) and founder of the Spanish Integral Conferences (continuing from 2003), visited Ken Wilber at his home in Denver, Colorado, USA. One purpose of this fourth visit to Mr. Wilber was to conduct this interview. Ms. Torrent, in


Feature Articles / June 2010

Q&A Session with Ken Wilber
In his loft in Denver, March 4th, 2010

Questions created among the Spanish Integral Community

Interview Transcribed by Raquel Torrent,
President of Honor of the Spanish Integral Association

Raquel: How do you feel Ken? Talk to us about your health.

Ken: Well, you know I have a chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s an immune disease where cells lose the capacity to generate protein. It’s so debilitating. At this time we just can’t …

Notes from the Field: Edition and Publication of “INTEGRAL EVOLUTION” Personal and collective leadership in a dream’s fulfilment

Notes from the Field / October 2009

Raquel Torrent

Raquel TorrentIntegral Evolution is the title of a new book that has been published in Spanish by Kairós in October 2009 in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. It will be presented at the VII Integral Conference in Barcelona where Joanna Hunt, and Laura Divine will be lecturing about their well known, useful and well structured Integral Coaching and where Ken Wilber will be holding an hour and a half Q&A session on a teleconference call.…

Feature Article: The LEADERSHIP of the HEART: Eagle’s flight through life experiences in the awakening of Integral Spain

Feature Articles / October 2008

Raquel TorrentAmong the styles of guiding or directing people since the existence of humankind—and no matter whether we talk of political, academic or business leadership styles—we may find a very simple division or classification: Hard and Soft Leadership. I want to share in this space the journey of my own life, having in mind these two simple styles. One is the authority of the mind and the other is the leading of the heart.

My mother used …