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05/31 – Interview with Otto Laske!

May 2018 / Fresh Perspective

Robin Lincoln-Wood with Otto Laske

Robin Lincoln-Wood

Otto Laske

Otto Laske

RLW: Good evening, Otto wonderful to finally meet you, even if it’s across the internet. This is Robin Wood interviewing Otto Laske about his work, and in particular, his deep-thinking framework and all the other manifestations of that work that we’ll be discussing in a minute. But before we start, I’d just like to ask you Otto, briefly tell us a bit about what got you into …

8/31 – Synergise with StAGES!!!

August-November 2017 / Fresh Perspective

Robin Lincoln-Wood with Terri O’Fallon


In this interview, Robin Lincoln-Wood and Terri O’Fallon discuss how they both became interested in integral leadership and state development, and how it has impacted their professional careers!

RLW:  Welcome to this interview between Terri O’Fallon and Robin Wood for Integral Leadership Review. We’re going to be discussing how Terri and myself got interested in integral leadership in the first place, stage development, and how that might link into the …

10/9 – Integral Leadership for a Regenerative, Inclusive Economy

August-November 2015 / Column

Robin Lincoln Wood

Robin Wood

Overview of the Purpose of this Series of Articles

– with excerpts from “A Leader’s Guide to ThriveAbility”

This series of articles is intended to illuminate how an integral approach to leadership can help us meet the critical leadership challenges of the 21st century. We apply the perspective and frameworks of ThriveAbility to gain a unique vantage point on how integral leadership embedded in a Thriveability approach offers powerful advantages to those seeking …

Notes From the Field: Renaissance2- A Quick Update on the 2nd Quarter of 2008 & Forthcoming Events

August 2008 / Notes from the Field

Robin WoodAt the beginning of this year Renaissance2 was just a very exciting vision amongst a small group of people. Six months later this vision is starting to become reality, and our progress is now accelerating as we connect with more and more people inspired by the possibilities. What follows is a brief update on our activities to date, and a preview of what comes next.


During May 2008 we held an Inaugural Workshop for Renaissance2 …

Feature Article: Catalysing the Second Renaissance: Creating a Sustainable Business Model for a Thriving Planet

August 2008 / Feature Articles

wood graphic 1

“…We can address poverty, climate change, and environmental destruction at a very modest cost today with huge benefits for shared and sustainable prosperity and peace in the future…”
Al Gore: Winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize and Former Vice President of the United States

“We have reached the beginning of the twenty-first century with a very crowded planet: 6.6 billion people living in an interconnected global economy producing an astounding $60 trillion of output each …