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Book Review: Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems

Book Reviews / June 2009

Step into the Service and Challenge of Dialectical Thinking:
A Brief Review of Otto Laske’s Manual of Dialectical Thought Forms

laske-manual-coverHow we think. For many people, this may
be a mysterious black box to consider. Most of the time, most of us are so busy thinking what we think that we are not observing how we do our thinking. In many life settings, what we think is on the surface more important than being aware of …

Book Review: Unmasking the Myths of “Emergence” and “Self Organization”

Book Reviews / August 2008

Kalman’s Kosmos

Matthew Kalman is on paternity leave. We look forward to his return to Integral Leadership Review soon. In the meanwhile, we will offer the opportunity to review books (and other documents) to those with a capacityto “go deep.” Sara Nora Ross is one of those people. Additional comments about the book in which this chapter appears may be found in Leadership Emergining in this issue of Integral Leadership Review.

Complex Systems Leadership Theory coverGoldstein, J. A. (2007). A …