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10/9 – Acting As If – We’re in 2nd Tier

Feature Articles / August-November 2015

Tom Bruno-Magdich

 Tom LinkedIn newHello fellow Integral Leadership Review reader. I think it’s only fair that I disclose who I am and what I stand for before you spend your valuable time reading this article.

I’m a firm believer that fear is behind most, if not all, of the worst things human beings do to each other. And I’m almost certain that the type of fear causing ‘human on human’ suffering is surfaced and perpetuated by partial truths, …

Integral Innovation & Creativity

Feature Articles / August 2012

Tom Bruno-Magdich

Most people in business today understand that organisations must embrace change and creativity in order to stay competitive in this ever shifting, global marketplace. The good news is every company that employs human beings has all the resources they need to help them innovate.  It’s their people stupid!

Our experience working with a large number of global companies has shown us that everyone in an organisation has the ability to think creatively about common …