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1/20 – What I Have Learned from Madiba

Feature Articles / January-February 2014

A Distinction Between the Best Leader Versus the Great Leader

Yene Assegid

Many of us are familiar with Lao Tzu’s quote: “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” And yes, in ordinary situations, the best leader may well be the one that is barely visible on the stage. The best leader might be one that is …

Featured Article: What Sets True Leaders Apart?

Feature Articles / October 2009

Yene Assegid

yene assegid
Vision is part of the attributes we associate with great leaders and one of the key faculties of great leadership. It refers to the leader’s capacity to see ahead and envision what the future could potentially hold or what opportunities lay ahead and defines the reality where the leader wants to take her community. Vision allows the leader to adjust her strategies and actions, today, so that she could tap into the opportunities that …

Notes from the Field: Let’s Meet in Istanbul

Notes from the Field / June 2008

SubSaharan Africa Bureau Chief, Integral Leadership Review

Yene Assegid“When you reach the Hagia Sofia, go towards the Blue Mosque and take a left – there we will be.”

After a long journey from Freetown, Sierra Leone to Istanbul, Turkey, through Casablanca, Morocco, I arrived in Istanbul and fumbled across this new place to find my little hotel. It had been a little over 30 hours of travel and by the time I reached my bed, I could …

Notes from the Field: Democracy for Africa: A Fabulous Dream or an Attainable Reality?

Notes from the Field / November 2007

Yene AsseagidIn September 2007, something amazing took place in Sierra Leone. What was this amazing thing? The elections! It was amazing to witness communities throughout the nation express their wishes through the democratic process. People chose to act on their future through votes as opposed to acting with the usual chaos which African nations have been so much stereotyped with. What is amazing is the chance to witness this subtle yet real shift from societal Red vMeme