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Notes From the Field: Conference Review: International Leadership Association 10th Anniversary Conference

Notes from the Field / January 2009

Yung-Pin LuThe International Leadership Association (ILA) 10th anniversary conference was held in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, on November 12-15th 2008. “Global Leadership: Portraits of the Past, Visions for the Future” was the topic of this conference with 900+ participants and 100+ simultaneous sessions facilitated by presenters from all around the world. Due to the size of this conference, this short review could not cover all of the sessions and events. The conference promoted a

Notes From the Field: Integrative Leadership Conference, University of Minnesota

Notes from the Field / October 2008

Yung-Pin LuThe Integrative Leadership Conference was held at the Center for Integrative Leadership, University of Minnesota, on October 5th to 7th 2008. This conference focused on leadership by leading across boundaries for the common good. The Center of Integrative Leadership seeks to examine and advance a new vision for a cross-sector leadership, integrative leadership. The vision of integrative leadership is to influence, leverage, and resource collective actions toward people’s common concerns to create the interconnection and interrelationship