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Leading Comments: This Issue

Leading Comments / August 2008

Russ VolckmannI want to thank all of you who sent healing messages and energy to Bill Bates. He is still in the hospital so if you have more of that, please send it his way via the Integral Leadership Review. Note additional comments about his condition in the space usually filled with one of his extraordinary cartoons. We have a guest cartoonist filling in for Bill, Mark Hughes. I am sure you will enjoy his work, as I do.

I am …

Leadership Cartoon: Paul Hughes

Leadership Cartoon / August 2008

Be a keader cartoon

Paul Hughes is our guest cartoonist.

Born and raised in London England, Married with 2 grown children living in Ontario, Canada.…

Leadership Emerging

Leadership Emerging / August 2008

Inc. cover“CEO Survey: Forward March,” Inc. Special Issue 500: Meet This Year’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, Inc. September 2008. P. 212.

Elements of their CEO Survey a spread liberally throughout the publication show no statistics that I could find and excerpt out very few comments. They asked CEO’s to define their leadership styles. Here is the sampling of their response. These are entrepreneurs who are experiencing success in their respective industries.

Laid back with a single focus: the client. I wear sandals …

Dialogue: The Horse, the Magpie, the Buffalo and the Hoop

Dialogue / August 2008


Native Bead Brooch
Native Bead Brooch

While many will have their minds firmly fixed on the story of the butterfly that, by flapping her wings in the forests of Amazonia creates storms in New York, very few will pay attention to the real miracle, which is that of the irreversible transformation in chaos of the pupa to become the butterfly.

At de Lange 1999

—the only real way to develop strategy is to use a process where one goes …

Feature Article: Leadership in Indian Corporations Through the SDi Lens

Feature Articles / August 2008

Raghu AnanthanarayanIs there a case to understand leadership in a developing nation differently from Leadership in a developed economy? I do not suggest that I know the answer by I do realize that an enquiry into this question will be worthwhile. By comparing my experience of working with a few organizations in India, I am hoping to draw attention to some important aspects of the question.

Let me first put down a few assumptions I am making:

Firstly, leadership does not …

Feature Article: Van der Horst’s Integral Law of Requisite Contrariety: Practical Paradoxes to Live By and Other Notes on the Illusion of Failure

Feature Articles / August 2008

Brian van der HorstThinking of going integral? Sure, there’s all this theory, but are you actually, concretely evolving? Are you walking your talk?

You may be entertaining limiting beliefs that form self-imposed, but invisible, unexamined barriers to becoming an integral human being. If you are one of those who still think you are flawed, incomplete, and unsatisfied by your lack of integration, I’ve got news for you. Much of what we consider to be our worst habits, faults, and failings are actually gold …


Announcements / August 2008

Integral Theory Conference Follow-up

Conference Recording

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JFK University Masters in Integral Theory
Fall 2008 Cohort of Online Certificate and Masters in Integral Theory

The Integral Theory Department invites you to learn more about the world’s first accredited integral learning community and degrees launched in partnership with …

For Bill Bates

Leadership Cartoon / August 2008

Bates memo

California Newspaper Publishers Award winner and two-time Pulitzer Prize Nominee Bill Bates produces weekly cartoons for the Carmel Pine Cone and political cartoons for the Monterey County Herald. Five-thousnd of his pen and ink drawings from 133 countries have been published in 28 Cruise Sketchbooks that include 14 Around The World Cruises. His latest book of cartoons, Bates On Bush, has been published!

Bates on Bush

Notes From the Field: The Simplicity of Complexity: New Eyes, New Lenses, New Palestine A 2nd Tier Presentation by Don Beck and Elza Maalouf at the World Future Society

Notes from the Field / August 2008

Laura HornAs I sit here, writing and editing this piece for the Integral Leadership Review, I’m also reflecting on the 3.5 decades I’ve lived with and worked within the theory and framework, designed by Clare Graves, to understand individual, organizational and cultural human development. Three and a half decades ago, I didn’t know it would be known as “integral.” (Heck, I didn’t even know it was “spiral dynamics integral” back then. I still referred to “it” as the “Bio-Psycho-Social Double Helix

Leadership Coaching Tip: The Availability of a Leader

Leadership Coaching Tips / August 2008

Aboodi ShabiThe Drucker Foundation has this to say about leadership – “The only definition of leader is someone who has followers”. In other words, as a leader, it is your capacity to engage with others in such a way that they are willing to follow you that marks you as a leader. For all of us who work as leaders, or who take on a leadership role in life, or work with leaders, that capacity for engagement is an on-going process