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Notes from the Field: Integral Theory Conference, 2008

Notes from the Field / August 2008

I would suggest that the Integral Theory Conference, held at JFK University in August 2008 was an unqualified success. Sean Esjborn- Hargensand Mark Foreman were the organizers with a whole lot of help from others. In order to provide you with a sense of the conference I asked Ed Kelly of Ireland, Australia and currently France, and Gayle Young of the US to join we me in sharing our experiences with the readers of the Integral Leadership Review. I will

Notes from the Field: Integral Mexico Project: Creating a Mexican MeshWork, One Step at a Time

Notes from the Field / August 2008

Roberto BonillaIn 2003 Dr. Don Beck and I were at Los Pinos (the Mexican White House); a couple of friends of mine “opened the doors”. We were in a huge conference room with more than 50 important people who run our country’s destiny every day. Don was telling them how we plant seeds with these (SDi) powerful ideas. He said, as though thinking to himself, “Some of those seeds will germinate and grow in a week, others in a month, other

Dialogue: Integral Theory into Integral Action: Part 11

Dialogue / August 2008

Mark Edwards

Russ Volckmann

Russ closed the last part of this dialogue, “A challenge before us, then, is to demonstrate how multiple lenses can reduce perception of demi-reality and increase perception of reality.” Furthermore he suggested a set of criteria for a case study of the application of multiple lenses to a phenomenon of leadership.

Mark: I will make a few comments on each of the case study criteria you’ve outlined before we go into the details of the leadership scenario.

  1. Provide an opportunity

Feature Article: Catalysing the Second Renaissance: Creating a Sustainable Business Model for a Thriving Planet

Feature Articles / August 2008

wood graphic 1

“…We can address poverty, climate change, and environmental destruction at a very modest cost today with huge benefits for shared and sustainable prosperity and peace in the future…”
Al Gore: Winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize and Former Vice President of the United States

“We have reached the beginning of the twenty-first century with a very crowded planet: 6.6 billion people living in an interconnected global economy producing an astounding $60 trillion of output each year. …China is adding …

Book Review: Unmasking the Myths of “Emergence” and “Self Organization”

Book Reviews / August 2008

Kalman’s Kosmos

Matthew Kalman is on paternity leave. We look forward to his return to Integral Leadership Review soon. In the meanwhile, we will offer the opportunity to review books (and other documents) to those with a capacityto “go deep.” Sara Nora Ross is one of those people. Additional comments about the book in which this chapter appears may be found in Leadership Emergining in this issue of Integral Leadership Review.

Complex Systems Leadership Theory coverGoldstein, J. A. (2007). A New Model for Emergence …