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Reflections on the Integral Forum, Berlin, 2012

Notes from the Field / August 2012

Nataliya Yefimova

This summer we participated in the Integral Forum in Berlin. The decision to go there was made, first of all, from our deep desire to meet in person our European integral friends, who we’d known mainly through the network by that time. And surely it looked really attractive to make the acquaintance of new people engaged in the Integral movement in Europe.

What is the state of Integral in different European countries now? How are Integral theory and …

Integral Leadership in Action 2012, Evolving Leadership for an Awakening World: Transforming Leadership through Theory, Action and Application

Notes from the Field / August 2012

Lisa Norton and Lynne Palazzolo

LN: The Integral Leadership in Action (ILiA) conference May 17-21, 2012 in Santa Cruz, CA, created both an emergence and a continuance of the WE space in the Integral Community. During DJ Sosan’s fabulous dance party, Jennifer Blalock asked me if I would like to write a brief post-conference reflection. Upon returning home to Chicago, my solitary efforts did not begin to convey the shared feeling of ILiA. It seemed that Lynne Palazzolo had experienced …

Living Leadership: Integral Dimensions of a Complete Life

Learner Papers / August 2012

Walker Karraa

As integral leadership juxtaposes Western and Eastern leadership philosophies and epistemologies, the contrast can often feel murky, ambiguous to those of us striving to live a life of leadership grounded in appreciation of difference, dare I say diversity. At this cross roads, Eastern philosophies appear more palatable to the West, and theories of leadership born in penultimate diversity—America, are eschewed. As a result of our discomfort with mysticism in the West, and infatuation with that of the East, …

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / August 2012

Before looking at the material we are providing in this issue of ILR, I would like to thank our interns for 2011-2012.

  • David Houglum, Gonzaga University, Tacoma, Washington
  • Kathleen Huggins, Gonzaga University, Tacoma, Washington
  • Vivian Pettries, Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota

If it were not for this team of interns there would be a lot more typos and questionable editing than there is. However, I must take full responsibility for any that you still find. Sometimes, the pressures …

Mats Alvesson and André Spicer, Metaphors We Lead By: Understanding Leadership in the Real World.

Leadership Emerging / August 2012

Don Benson

Metaphors We Live By coverMats Alvesson and Andre Spicer (2011). Metaphors We Lead By: Understanding Leadership in the Real World. New York: Routledge.

My friend cares a lot about leadership. And therefore so do I. The trouble is that there seems to be more written about leadership than I can make sense of. The deconstruction of leadership with over 104,000 entries that come up on the Amazon search bar and 502,000,000 results from Google set me struggling with the idea and …

The 22nd Annual National Leadership Symposium, University of Richmond, Virginia

Notes from the Field / August 2012

Marilyn Bugenhagen

Sponsored by the National Association for Campus Activities and the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs

For over 22 years, two organizations have been holding an annual symposium on leadership programs to further dialogue on the evolution of leadership development and to promote the various aspects to developing leadership through higher education.  The focus has been on developing student leaders, however, in the past few years, the symposium topic has begun to turn towards the direction of leadership education …

Transdisciplinary Reflections

Column / August 2012

Five Dimensions of Applied Transdisciplinarity

Alfonso Montuori

There’s an emerging literature arguing for the importance of a transdisciplinary approach, outlining its philosophical roots, and articulating the need for transdisciplinarity in our present situation. Transdisciplinarity is already branching out in many different forms and on many different levels, from the highly theoretical to the more applied. In the following pages I’d like to explore an over-arching framework for applied transdisciplinarity. In other words, it’s one way to get started doing transdisciplinary …

Integral Journey, 2012: Hawaii – San Francisco – Denver

Notes from the Field / August 2012

Marina Danilova

An Integral Journey is a unique way to find a source of energy and drive it into yourself, an exciting opportunity to disclose your own strengths to realize what used to seem to belong to the world of dreams only. What am I doing? What am I contributing to the world? What do I want? What am I capable of? Where am I going to? Where do I get the energy to transfer to the next level of …

Living Through Four Eras of Cognitive Development

Feature Articles / August 2012

Otto Laske


In this paper, I outline the graspable existential meaning of human cognitive development. By “existential” I refer not simply to the epistemological positioning of a person to the world as a knower, but the conceptual forces of the social world itself in which this positioning occurs. This world is suffused in language and is the context in which concepts are constantly being created and modified. As a result of this social process, individuals “develop” their own thinking, …

Fresh Perspective: A View from the Top — Tom Albanese, CEO, Rio Tinto

Fresh Perspective / August 2012

Russ Volckmann

Russ: Tom, let’s begin by learning a bit about your background. What part of New Russ VolckmannJersey are you from?

Tom: I grew up in Flemington, New Jersey, which is to the west in Hunterdon County. My family is still in that neck of the woods. I have a farm there that I’m going to be rebuilding for my family who are all around the New York – New Jersey area.

Russ: What motivated you to go from New …