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Cuentan con el Artículo: EL LIDERAZGO SE PUEDE ENSEÑAR

Feature Articles / January 2007

Pedro Gioya Rivero

Raquel TorrentLa noción de una persona ungida por los dioses que tiene capacidad para arrastrar a las masas hacia donde desea, es un concepto arraigado como mito entre la mayoría de la población con el que todo estudioso del Liderazgo se encuentra una y otra vez. Por más que esté muy extendida, es una idea falsa. Al estudiar el concepto de Liderazgo nos encontramos una y otra vez pruebas empíricas que demuestran la falsedad de esta aseveración. La mayoría de las …

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / January 2007

“In the past, leaders were those who knew the right answers. Today, leaders are those who know the right questions.” ~Mark Sanborn

Book Review: Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values

Book Reviews / January 2007

Kalman’s Kosmos

Kalman photoFred Kofman, Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values. Boulder, Colorado, US A: Sounds True, 2006.

I knew precious little about Fred Kofman’s work before reading his new book, Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values. But I was impressed by what I did know: he was a colleague of management guru Peter Senge at MIT and helped him bring the ideas of the ‘Learning Organisation’, systems thinking and so on to the attention …

Leadership Coaching Tip: Leadership and Organizational Culture

Leadership Coaching Tips / January 2007

Theorists from Ed Schein to Fred Kofman have been talking about the importance of organizational culture for organizational success. Culture has am important role to play for leadership. It shapes the meaning of the actions of leaders, as well as provides them with the context of their own meaning making. Much of integral theory, so far, seems to treat culture as that which is shared in a society or an organization. When you are exploring culture it is vital to

Integral for the Masses: The future is bright!

Integral for the Masses / January 2007

Keith BellamyFor some reason that completely escapes me, our minds here in the west seem to do anything other than focus on the present at this time of the year. Perhaps it is the watery sunshine, which is in very short supply due to the tilting of the earth’s angle, kicking off some deep-seated part of our ancient brain. But without fail, for the two weeks before New Year and for a couple of weeks following the completely artificial accounting for

Feature Article: Integral Sustainability 2006

Feature Articles / January 2007

byrne photoI recently had the opportunity to attend Integral Sustainability 2006 in Westminster, Colorado. I-S 2006 was an integral tour-de-force hosted by world-class instructors and attended by both seasoned integral practitioners and others just incorporating the framework into their lives and offerings. Participants were presented with leading edge academic syntheses, case studies and direct demonstrations. We were also afforded the opportunity to co-create with individual and group inquiry personalizing the experience. This participatory element included individual introspection, one-on-one direct inquiry practice

Feature Article: Awakening the Integral Self: A Historical Sweep of Human Emergence

Feature Articles / January 2007

Rafi NasserThe recent discovery of bones at Ethiopia’s Lake Omo indicates that our species is approximately two hundred thousand years old. That observation suggests that 10,000 generations of anatomically modern humans have roamed the planet. During this span of time humanity has undergone six discernable Waves of Emergence with a seventh underway.

Historically this process unfolded at a measured pace, each wave propagating and maturing leisurely over millennia and more recently over centuries. But the frequency of emergence has increased past …


Announcements / January 2007

Notes, Conferences, Workshops and Letters
Bureau Chief/Associate Editor

The Integral Leadership Review is pleased to announce that it has begun filling positions as Bureau Chief/Associate Editor. We are looking for people in all major language groups who are interested in publishing in ILR, in finding appropriate materials from other authors, in providing information about leadership events in their areas of interest and in promoting complementary subscriptions to ILR.

Australia: Ron Cacioppe, Email:

Spain and Latin America: Pedro Gioya Rivero …

A Fresh Perspective: Integral Application, An Interview with Renee Moorefield, CEO, Wisdom Works

Fresh Perspective / January 2007

Renee Moorefield, CEO, Wisdom WorksRuss VolckmannRuss: There was a phrase that I read in one of your publications that seemed to be such a great snapshot of what you do, and it reads like this: “Running a globally-responsible, sustainable business can provide both a competitive advantage today and serve as a catalyst for commercial and social innovation for a better tomorrow.” Where does that statement stand in how you define your business and your company?

Renee: The core mantra of our company is, “Healthy leader, …

Feature Article: Integral Leadership Can Be Taught

Feature Articles / January 2007

gioya photo

torrent imageLeadership and leadership development is one of the most interesting issues in communities and organizations today. Writing and thinking about leadership in general and Integral Leadership in particular has been growing all over the world. The successes of the International Leadership Association and the Integral Leadership Revieware examples of the growing interest in the subject in many societies. However, in much of the material published, there are assumptions about culture and societies that may not be accurate. We believe, for …