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Announcements / January 2010

Society for Research in Adult Development

25th Annual Adult Development Symposium
March 9-10, 2010 ~ In Philadelphia

Sofitel Hotel
120 South 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Hotel Website
Symposium Fees
Professional $60 ($75 at the door)
Student $35 ($40 at the door)

Register for the Adult Development Symposium online:

Alternatively, you may register by mail; send a check (made payable to the Society for Research in Adult Development) with full contact information to:

Michael Lamport Commons, Ph.D.
Assistant Clinical …

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / January 2010

Integral Leadership in Action Conference – 2009
by David McCallum

David McCallumFive years ago, back in February/March 2004, I attended the first Integral Leadership seminar that Integral Institute (yes, Institute—it was that long ago) offered. It was full of growth, development, community, exploration and a sense of creating a structure for something that we didn’t want to have end when we said our goodbyes on the final day.

One of the participants in that original course, Dan Noble, created the idea …


Feature Articles / January 2010

global values logo

Climate Change & Values
How Different Countries See the Issue

by Alan Tonkin


alan tonkinIt is perhaps appropriate at this time with the outcome of the Copenhagen Climate Conference to consider the current debate around climate change from a totally different perspective.

Allowing for the divergence of opinion between climate change supporters and detractors there is enough evidence to show that the world is currently going through a warming phase.

Developed countries within the European Union have been most vocal …

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / January 2010

Integral Leadership in Action
by Gary Hawke

hawkeThe 4th Integral Leadership in Action (ILiA) conference took place from October 15th-18th at The Crossings in Austin, Texas. Keeping connected to the inquiry of “What is Integral Leadership?” ILiA took the bold step to focus this conference on consciously leading and living through turbulence and transformation.

The Crossings was a excellent venue for the conference: situated in the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve overlooking Lake Travis, The Crossings is a learning centre, a wellness …


Feature Articles / January 2010

Family Owned Business Succession – Building on a Legacy
Approach, Case Study, and Results
by Maureen Metcalf and Carl Fernyak

This article looks at the topic of using integral tools to help a family owned business transition ownership and operation from father to son.

The son, Carl, purchased the 91 year old business from his father after working for the company for 14 years. He is now faced with the challenge of carrying on the legacy of success in a …

Leadership Cartoon

Leadership Cartoon / January 2010

cartoon 01/10

Mark Hill

mark hilll am a cartoonist whose cartoons have been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers, including Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

My specialty is cartoons and humorous illustration for advertising, business and publishing. Fortune 500 clients with national advertising campaigns are among my repeat customers…as well as start-up businesses with smaller budgets. 95% of my clients are outside of my home state of Colorado…so I can create something for you, no matter where …

So, How Sustainable Are We? Leadership and the Pathway to Abundance

Feature Articles / January 2010

by Zack Smith and Chad Stewart


Setting the Context for Leadership: Sustainability and Abundance

When Sustainability is Unsustainable

There is a lot of buzz about being “green” and acting “sustainably” these days. Unfortunately, a great deal of it seems to be just that: Buzzing. Not to say people are not trying or lack commitment. Many community, organizational and governmental leaders are genuinely concerned and are trying to address social, economic and environmental challenges through a dizzying myriad of initiatives focusing …

Leadership Coaching Tips

Leadership Coaching Tips / January 2010

Gut-wrenching Decisions: How Ethically Do You Behave in a Crisis?

Judith B. Kaplan, Ruby A. Rouse and Richard S. Schuttler


Being in charge is often uncomfortable and thankless. Nevertheless, customers and employees expect leaders to make the ‘right’ decision – even when times are tough.  A national study of leadership, funded by the University of Phoenix, found many supervisors often were at odds with their employees during the financial crisis.

Front line workers strongly focused on personal implications, such …

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote / January 2010

“The problem with even the best-intentioned recommendations for leadership competence in intercultural contexts is that they still have a cultural bias. In other words, the very concept of leadership is culturally bound. Leadership is not what you think of as leadership everywhere else on this planet.”

~ E.S. Wibbeke…

Book Review

Book Reviews / January 2010

Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems:
“Foundations of Requisite Organization”, Vol. 2,
Otto Laske, (2009) Interdevelopmental Institute Press,
Medford, MA, USA

by Bernardo A Merizalde

laske coverIn Volume 2 of his series, Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems: Foundations of Requisite Organization, Otto Laske presents the second, but not less important, strand of his Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF). The book does not just follow Volume 1; it is an inseparable part of the model. Here, he describes, integrates, and develops, …