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2/15 – It’s not just what you do, but also how you think!

Leadership Coaching Tips / January-February 2015

Natasha Mantler

“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.” Leonard Cohen

This beautiful quote, from the infamous Leonard Cohen, Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist, reminds us of the simpler nature of change. And yet, as leadership coaches and human beings, we have also experienced, known, and understood that true change, embodied change, enduring change, is often difficult to attain. How can both opposing perspectives be true?

At first glance, this quote …

2/15 – From Practice to Praxis – as Transformative Education: Leading at the Integral/Professional Interface?

Continuous Learning / January-February 2015

Ian Wight

Engaging the Integral/Professional Interface

I am feeling a yearning for the company of like-minded and like-hearted folks: integral aficionados explicitly valuing their professional identity; evolving professionals explicitly cultivating integral sensibilities. I therefore make this particular offering very much in the spirit of my own integrally-informed sense of Leadership – as Service – for Good, in Love, with a Smile. Might we – together – constitute a field, worth tilling, at the integral/professional interface?

This is a report …

2/15 – Dialogic Development: a Conversation with Gervase Bushe

Fresh Perspective / January-February 2015

Russ Volckmann

Russ:  Gervase Bushe, it’s a great pleasure to meet you finally after many, many years of hearing about your work. We have some colleagues in common given my 22+ years in OD. When I first heard about your work, you were at Simon Fraser University. Tell us a little bit about your background that brought you into your position academically.

Gervase:  I was an undergraduate student, involved like a lot of people were in the early ’70s in …

2/15 – Will the Next Buddha be a Sangha? Responding to the Call to Influence the Future of Collaboration

Continuous Learning / January-February 2015

Rebecca Ejo Colwell

For several years my koan has been:  How do we close the gap between the human condition and our human potential?

I first started to grapple with questions around how to catalyze and support collaboration for change while working in community development early in my career in the 1980s, in two Canadian cities, Toronto and Halifax.

I worked with people in communities who desperately wanted a good life for their families; a way out of poverty, unemployment, …

2/15 – 1. The Mother

Poetry Gallery / January-February 2015

Tim Merry

Yes to the reminder that we are just part of the universe

One verse

In a song

So long

It does not belong

To Anyone

Or any part

Though it rests in every heart

In its wholeness

The caress

Of the winds and rains of Pele

Left me

Deeply touched, moved

New grooves

Cut in my consciousness

The caress

Of a gift arriving I have always had but never known

Worlds blown

Apart and re-sown

Always connected and …

2/15 – 4. Switch it on

Poetry Gallery / January-February 2015

Tim Merry

Stepping up to voice

My choice

To let it go

The flow

Is beyond control

So when you fall


Then rise

Open your eyes

See the fresh horizon

Great eastern sun risin’



Heaven sent

An extension

To the new dimension

The fourth perspective


Of the so far unseen

Subtle being

The place from which Gandalf and Arthur ride

Where secret valleys hide

Where Isaiah spoke messiah

The second coming is the inner fire

Walkin’ …

2/15 – Cover

Cover / January-February 2015

©2014 Aboriginal Nations Education, Greater Victoria School Board, BC, Canada
Artist Jamin Zurowski
4 Quadrant Guides: Bear/UL. Wolf /LL. Raven/UR. Salmon/LR.
This Totem is a Gift used with permission on this Canada Issue. Please do not reproduce without © Permission.

2/15 – 3. Superman

Poetry Gallery / January-February 2015

Tim Merry

This is about the cravin’

for savin’
Wanting to control the rampant misbehavin’
Breaking the shackles of all the enslavin’

Break it down
Gather round
Cause we messin’ up the earth
Tearing up the turf
The place is our birth
Someone turn on the light
Cause we all fightin’
In the dark
Thinking we be Clark
Heaven sent
To do it our way
I got news
I just gotta say
There is a master plan
Listen …

2/15 – 2. Human Family Tree

Poetry Gallery / January-February 2015

Tim Merry

I’m tired

Of hearing how beings are wired

For self – destruction

The media barrage

Creating a collage

Of war

Environmental collapse by human cause

War on terror

The evening news documenting constant human error

Reporting the social fabric unwinding


Us to our innate


Of being fine

I believe every human is divine

The gods we search and serve

Reside in us

And in this earth

There is no curse

Of Adam and Eve

We just …

2/15 – Adrienne Clarkson, 26th Governor General of Canada (1999-2005)

Leadership Quote / January-February 2015

This ability to understand that society is not just a multiplication of you but includes many who are not like you is vital to a healthy society. This is what we are given a chance to do in Canada, because we see so many people who are not like ourselves, who do not come from the same background. We must search for our common humanity, for the decency, the understanding and the generosity that must come before making judgements.

Adrian …