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3/7 – Multidimensional communication in Holoscendence: How it augments Integral psychotherapy, leadership, and ordinary life

Feature Articles / January-February 2016

Eugene Pustoshkin

In this article I want to tell about the concept of multidimensional communication pioneered in Holoscendence, an integral meta-method of human development, first introduced and developed by Sergey Kupriyanov, PhD in Medicine, a Russian-born Integral therapist from Helsinki, Finland (Kupriyanov 2013).

Dr. Kupriyanov—during the many years of his work in USSR as a practicing psychotherapist and researcher of family therapy and psychosomatic medicine (e.g., Kupriyanov 1983)—became interested in the evolution and further unfolding of his practicing method. At …

3/7 – Dawn of Integral Hip-Hop: Interview with Ilya “MC 1.8” Kuznetsov

Fresh Perspective / January-February 2016

Special Russia Issue Guest Editor’s Note:

Ilya Kuznetsov, aka MC 1.8, is a dear friend of mine. He comes from a simple background, and witnessed a lot of violence in his youth—which commonly happened in the post-Soviet era and which often serves as a crucial existential background for a rapper (such as him). To me, he is a warrior of spirit, a person who shows in his own life path that the calling of the Soul, this particular intensity of

3/7 – Steps towards an Integral Tomorrow

Feature Articles / January-February 2016

Alexander Malakhov, with Eugene Pustoshkin

Alexander Malakhov

PUSTOSHKIN Eugene 2016 smIn the past hundred years numerous thinkers around the world—from the United States to the Soviet Union and India—came to believe that if the human civilization wants to survive and reach new horizons, societies and people that constitute those societies must overcome fragmentariness and prevailing prejudices and learn to see the total abundant diversity of perspectives that comprise reality. In synchrony to that, a rediscovery of the realm of spirit happened, the inexhaustibility and multifacetedness …

3/7 – An Integral Approach to the Thought Space or Noosphere – Evolving of Human Consciousness and its Energy

Feature Articles / January-February 2016

Sanja Veršić

Picture 134(1)

Russian Cosmic Ideas and Energy Reading.

From materials presented at the IEC, May 2014


In this paper the attention is drawn to the energetic dimension of the human space of thought scientifically known as noosphere. The term is elaborated by the Russian natural scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, one of the prominent thinkers of the Russian Cosmism. This trend is known today as a socio-cultural phenomenon originated at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. …

3/7 – Community 2.0: The Crystal Mind Conference and Mindfulness Movement in Russia

Feature Articles / January-February 2016

The Crystal Mind conference’s organizers

Special Russia Issue Guest Editor’s Note:

To me the Crystal Mind Conference is one of the brightest and most interesting consciousness-related events in Russia. For my country, it is one of the first attempts to collectively pioneer mindfulness in a systematic and professional manner, with skillful media coverage, and a broad range of speakers-participants, attempting to jumpstart a mindfulness revolution here.

One of the features of the conference is that mindfulness is understood in a …

3/7 – Vladimir Ern’s Philosophy of Eros and Logos (Excerpts from Ern’s Struggle for Logos)

Book Reviews / January-February 2016

Vladimir Ern

Translator’s note: Russian culture cannot be fully comprehended without rediscovering its sacred roots in the form of sophisticated and advanced Integral philosophical systems, often known as Russian religious or spiritual philosophies.

What follows are some striking excerpts from Vladimir Ern (1882–1917), a noteworthy Russian philosopher and passionate defender of Eros and Logos who is relatively unknown in the West. His thoughts on both Eros and Logos synchronize with Ken Wilber’s Integral philosophy in many ways, especially as regards …

3/7 – The role of leadership in city revival.  Challenges and hidden growth potential

Feature Articles / January-February 2016

Maxim Arzumanyan

Leadership is stepping forth on the management arena

Major demand for leadership as a managing approach was generated during transition stage from planned to market economy and later on to innovative economy in some segments. In the first case the task was to redistribute resources and administration, in the second to focus on client and quality and in the third to create environment which promoted development and implementation of new unconventional solutions.

It was obvious that people couldn’t …

3/7 – Creating a Better World in an Integral Way: Interview with Alexander Malakhov, a Scholar-Practitioner from the Russian Pacific Region

Fresh Perspective / January-February 2016



This interview was translated from Russian by Eugene Pustoshkin.

Hello, Alexander! Could you please tell us about yourself: what do you do and what are you interested in?

— Hi, Eugene! For the past several years I prefer to call myself an integral scholar-practitioner and attempt to combine fundamental cross-cultural and postdisciplinary research with my engagement in practical and transformative activities. Right now I’m in preparation for receiving a PhD in Sociology from the Pacific National University …

3/7 – What is the Dzogchen of vertical leadership development? Does it exist?

Feature Articles / January-February 2016

Anastasia Gosteva

Four years ago I was sitting in the meditation hall in my master’s ashram when suddenly the whole world became alive. The chair I was sitting on, the carpet, the column, the air—every inch of matter and space was alive and pulsating with love, it was love itself. Technically I saw that my so-called body was still separate from the so-called walls, but I could find no separate me anymore, no borders, no separation in the Being itself. …


Feature Articles / January-February 2016

Anatoly Balyaev

Balyaev 1

My inner child has been asking to speak about one of his favorite themes for a long time. This time I won’t stop him from doing it. Many years ago, there were lots of amazing sci-fi stories in my young life, and I’ve grown up absorbing their significant vision of future with all of my mind and soul. Now, I—together with my inner child who was on my every seminar and lecture about Spiral Dynamics and the Integral …