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Leading Comments

Leading Comments / June 2006

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to those who have chosen to provide voluntary contributions to support the publication of the Integral Leadership Review. My goal is to continue to make the work of those contributing to the development of Integral Leadership theory and applications accessible to all. When you choose to join this generous group, please go to our donation page. My request is for $10.00 to help defray our costs. You can also find out how your …

Feature Article: Field Testing the Integral Model in the Middle East

Feature Articles / June 2006

Abou Nidal, our East Jerusalem Arab driver, is a big sturdy man who promised to take us anywhere in the Palestinian Territories. “These are our people. Safety is not an issue,” he proudly said. Well, not quite…

On May 20th Dr. Don Beck, a geopolitical consultant and co-founder of Spiral Dynamics integral, and I finished a presentation to the various non-governmental agencies (NGOs) in the West Bank and were heading to our next meeting at Fatah headquarters. Leaving the building …

Integral for the Masses

Integral for the Masses / June 2006

Keith BellamyProtecting the Integral Crown Jewels – a leadership responsibility for those pursuing an Integral path?

“Isn’t life a bitch?” the tall bald-headed one from Boulder, Colorado responded to a question that I put to him when he was visiting with a group of us from the New York Integral Community a few weeks back. Little was I to know how that answer was likely to rebound and bite me in the butt, with spades, in so short a period of …

Message from Dr. Don Beck

Dialogue / June 2006

The following is an amalgam of two email messages from Dr. Don Beck.

Thanks, Russ. Looking forward to Elza’s article. This is one talented, bright, and courageous woman. Amazing that What is Enlightenment? keeps looking for “Integral Women” when there are many right in front of their noses, especially those like Elza. It is one thing to write nice articles and work in safe environments, but another thing to go into harm’s way with a difficult concept within a quite …

Feature Article: “Consciousizing” the Middle East: Don Beck in Israel and Palestine, Part 2

Feature Articles / June 2006

“There will be twenty seven of us seated around a long U-shaped table. One of the walls consists of a series of large square glass windows overlooking the silky blue Mediterranean rolling onto the sandy shore.” I was describing to Don Beck the room where the first-ever three-day Spiral Dynamics Level 1 training in Israel would be held. “You’ll be competing with the sea for our attention.”

He grinned, “I’ll take my chances.”

The first two days, Don’s brilliance eclipsed …

Book Review: Mark Edwards

Book Reviews / June 2006

Mark Edwards: At it Again…and Again,,, and Again…

“On Being Critical”
Parallel Theories of an AQAL Approach to Relationality:
Three Conversations with Ken Wilber

The last couple of months have seen further evidence of the value that Mark Edwards brings to integral communities and the development of integral theory. To his credit Ken Wilber has played an active role in bringing Edwards’ ideas to the fore through a series of three conversations published during May on Integral Naked. In …


Coda / June 2006

CODA, Resilience, Leadership and Coaching

Mike Jay, CPR for the Soul: Creating Personal Resilience by Design. Leadership University Press, 2006.

Mike JayIt is probably going to become increasingly difficult to keep up with the literature based at least in part on integral theory, even when we are just concerned with leadership and related topics. Mike Jay’s latest is another book that is informed by the work of Ken Wilber, as well as Clare Graves and the Spiral Dynamics folks and …


Announcements / June 2006

If you or your organization will be holding an event of interest to the readers of this eJournal, please submit your information Information should be submitted sufficiently in advance to meet our publication dates.

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Integral Review

Volume 2, 2006 has just published.

Table of Contents

Editorial Another Step: The Evolution of Integral Review, Jonathan Reams

Short Works

In Memoriam: Reinhard Fuhr, Thomas Jordan

It is I Who both Breaks and Binds, Andrew Campbell

Integrity, Integral …

Feature Article: Reflections on the State of Integral Leadership Theory and Development

Feature Articles / June 2006

Russ Volckmann

It has been almost ten years since Chris Newham, Prasad Kaipa and I had our first conversations about integral theory and Integral Leadership. Influenced by Howard Gardner’s work on multiple intelligences and others’ work on emotional intelligence we turned to Ken Wilber’s A Brief History of Everything, No Boundary and Sex, Ecology and Spirituality for concepts and models that would be helpful.

Our work was contextualized by our own collective decades of management and leadership practice, consulting, training and coaching. …

Leadership Agility with Bill Joiner and Steve Josephs

Fresh Perspective / June 2006

Russ: Welcome, Bill and Steve. I would like to congratulate you because in October you will have the first integrally informed leadership book to be published by a major publisher in the world. Is that your understanding, too?

Bill: What about Bill Torbert’s Action Inquiry?

Russ: Certainly Action Inquiry includes materials highly relevant to leadership, but I don’t see that as the major focus. But if we include that, then you are second and congratulations are still in order (laughter).…