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Leadership Coaching Tip: Preparing for a Difficult Conversation

Leadership Coaching Tips / June 2009

volker frankAll leaders find themselves in situations where they need to sit down with somebody for a difficult conversation to resolve a conflict, present a challenging position or negotiate an agreement. Often we have conversations in our head, preparing a speech or an opening statement and then responding to uneasy feelings and a vague sense of how the other side might respond—usually with an increasingly emotional charge on our end. More often than not this approach does not produce confidence in

Fresh Perspective: Almost: The Interview That Will Never Air? Jim Garrison

Fresh Perspective / June 2009

russ volckmannMy intentions were good and I collaborated with my technology to make it impossible to share with you as remarkable interview with Jim Garrison. Can you imagine my pain? Can you imagine the stress management exercises I am drawing on today?

Well, all is not lost. Jim graciously acceded to doing another interview and that is posted as a streaming audio on the ILR website. It is well worth the listen,

In the meanwhile, I thought I might share …

Notes from the Field: Catalyzing Conscious Capitalism (C3) Conference

Notes from the Field / June 2009

steve frazeeIn early November 2008 at a retreat center just outside Austin, Texas, a group of just over one hundred executives, business owners, consultants and academics answered John Mackey’s invitation to talk about serving the world through the vehicle of business. The event was called the Catalyzing Conscious Capitalism (C3) conference, and was the first public gathering around a theory of business inspired by the leadership of John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods Market. The two central tenets of Conscious

Book Review: Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems

Book Reviews / June 2009

Step into the Service and Challenge of Dialectical Thinking:
A Brief Review of Otto Laske’s Manual of Dialectical Thought Forms

laske-manual-coverHow we think. For many people, this may
be a mysterious black box to consider. Most of the time, most of us are so busy thinking what we think that we are not observing how we do our thinking. In many life settings, what we think is on the surface more important than being aware of how we think. I …

Book Review: Putting our Differences to Work

Book Reviews / June 2009

Differences, Diversity and Development:
A Review and Exploration

An Extended Review of Debbe Kennedy’s Putting our Differences to Work

Russ Volckmann

Kennedy differencesruss volckmannDebbe Kennedy has produced a remarkable book, Putting Our Differences to Work, in which she provides a convincing case for the importance of differences at work for fostering innovation. She also offers a framework for engaging differences and putting them to work to foster changes in organizations (in all domains) that are essential in engaging effectively and developmentally with …

Integral for the Masses: State of the Integral Spirituality Movement—Part 1

Integral for the Masses / June 2009

keith bellamyWe have been very busy little beavers here in the New York City Integral Community of late. On the surface, it might appear as if we have been continuing in our normal manner, holding meetings and discussing our future plans and generally seeking to further the cause in the Metropolis. Any casual observer probably wouldn’t have given us a second glance over the past few months. Yet the truth is, more by accident than design, we stumbled into a process

Global Values Update

Global Values Update / June 2009

The South African Elections 2009: A Values Perspective

alan tonkinAn Introduction: In analysing the recent national and provincial election in South Africa it is intended to use the “values prism” to evaluate the results. Commentators from a wide variety of viewpoints have analysed the results with the one major missing element being that of values and worldviews.

Dr. Don Beck of the Centre for Human Emergence, who has visited South Africa over sixty times since the early 1980’s and worked with …

Second Annual Reader’s Choice Award for Publications on Leadership

Awards / June 2009

david dayMichelle HarrisonCongratulations!!!

About the first of the year, the Integral Leadership Review invited readers to submit their nominations for the best publication on leadership in the year 2008. We are pleased to announce the publication identified for the Second Annual Reader’s Choice Award.

day integrative approach cover

David Day, Michelle M. Harrison, and Stanley Halpin. An Integrative Approach to Leader Development: Connecting Adult Development, Identity, and Expertise. New York: Taylor & Frances Group, Routledge (2008).

“Mindful of the fragmented approaches to developing leaders and leadership, …

Feature Article: Initiating Leadership Development in Norway Illustrated Through Theory U

Feature Articles / June 2009

sine hanssenFor some years now it seems to have been a well known truth that Einstein’s saying “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” is quite relevant when talking about how we create and develop organizations and leaders that have the capacity to navigate the weathers of financial crisis and ecological as well as social challenges in the world. Otto Scharmer (2009) addresses this challenge by talking about “leading from the