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Announcements / June 2009

Integral Theory Conference 2010

John F. Kennedy University
Concord, California

As part of its overall mission to promote mixed methods academic inquiry, the Integral Research Center hosts an Integral Research track at the biennial conference on Integral Theory. Please direct all conference inquiries to Please include an email subject clearly addressing the nature of the inquiry (e.g., registration, volunteer, etc.).

What topics will the conference address?

  • Psychotherapy and Coaching
  • Community Development and Activism
  • Global Warming and Sustainability
  • Spirituality and

Leadership Cartoon: Bill Bates

Leadership Cartoon / June 2009

bill bates dates

bill batesBill Bates has died.

We have known for weeks now this was coming, but it’s still a jolt.

To see this man, my dear friend, now gone, his most needed smile and funny story, his grace of movement and always sympathetic, caring, ready to help presence never to be felt again, is so very hard for us who knew and loved him.

Such a great talent as an artist and as a friend rarely comes our way. He will be …

A Fresh Perspective: Integral Interventions: Oliver Triebel at McKinsey & Company

Fresh Perspective / June 2009

oliver triebel

Oliver M. Triebel is “Head of Organizational Learning,” Mindsets & Capabilities Practice, McKinsey & Company, Germany – Berlin Office

Oliver started his career with McKinsey back in 1993 after having completed his Master in Public Administration at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and before that a master degree in natural sciences (cell and molecular biology). Oliver left McKinsey after 6 years as a consulting generalist at the end of 1999 to take up an offer from Bertelsmann AG, one …

Leadership Quote: Gina Hernez-Broome and Richard L. Hughes

Leadership Quote / June 2009

“…leadership will be understood as the collective capacity of all members of an organization to accomplish such critical tasks as setting direction, creating alignment, and gaining commitment. Leadership development based on this paradigm is more difficult to design and implement than those that have been popular for the last several decades in which the focus was to train individual leaders. Taking this next step will require a deeper understanding of the role of organizational systems and culture in leadership development.”

Featured Article: The Requisite Organization of Integral Leadership Part 1: An Integrative Approach

Feature Articles / June 2009

scott poschon

Scott Pochron

In a recent article in the Integral Leadership Review, Mark Edwards (2009) suggested that Integral Leadership may be viewed from three holarchical lenses: developmental, ecological, and governance. The following paper proposes Elliott Jaques’s theory of Requisite Organization (RO) as a meta-theoretical framework for integrating these three lenses. The implications of RO as an integrative framework is examined in context of business and Integral Leadership practice, along with opportunities for further study.

Three Lenses of Integral Leadership

Edwards notes …

CODA: Pop Goes the Wilber

Coda / June 2009

Jurriaan Kamp interview Ken Wilber
“Speaking in Tongues,” Ode Magazine, April 2009

Jurriaan Kamp is the editor of Ode, a magazine “for Intelligent Optimists” it proclaims on the cover. This special issue focuses on “Travel for a Small Planet,” turning tourism into life and economy enhancing activities. Structured in the mode of other popular magazines these are articles aimed at the general public, albeit, those that are both optimistic and intelligent. (Is that an oxymoron these days—Forgive me, I may …

Leadership Cartoon: Mark Hill

Leadership Cartoon / June 2009

leadership cartoon

Mark Hill

mark hilll am a cartoonist whose cartoons have been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers, including Time Magazine,The Chicago Tribuneand the Los Angeles Times.

My specialty is cartoons and humorous illustration for advertising, business and publishing. Fortune 500 clients with national advertising campaigns are among my repeat customers…as well as start-up businesses with smaller budgets. 95% of my clients are outside of my home state of Colorado…so I can create something for you, no matter where you are.…

Book Review: The Quest Effect

Book Reviews / June 2009

Review of Randall Benson’s The Quest Effect

the quest effect coverBenson, Randall (2009). The Quest Effect: Mastering Breakthrough in Your Organization.

gayle youngWho is the hero, that more-than-life-sized figure of myth and history and fairy tale; the conqueror of evil, the liberator, the rescuer of the oppressed? How terrible to think of not being the hero of one’s own life; this is the role for which each of us is cast, no matter how unsuccessfully we play it. And if the part seems too …

Leading Comments

Leading Comments / June 2009

Russ VolckmannI am deeply sad at the loss of Bill Bates. Please take a moment and read David Loye’s announcement of Bill’s death and what you might do to help his family. He knew of all the caring and support he had received from ILR readers around the world. Thank you.

How are things going for you in this economic crisis, this painful challenge to so many around the world? How has your standard of living been affected? Negatively, if you …

Notes from the Field: Integral Sustainability 101 in Seattle

Notes from the Field / June 2009

Alan Seidsandra poulsonThe EOS Alliance ( hosted an introduction to Integral Sustainability on February 28, 2009. The course was co-led by Alan Seid, Director of Training and Lead Consultant for Cascadia Training & Mediation (, and Sandra Poulson, Principal at RealTrust Consulting (, and Senior Organization Effectiveness Consultant, Region 10 of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Seid and Ms. Poulson met at the Integral Ecology and Sustainability Seminar in Colorado in 2004, and this was their first collaboration.

Sustainability has many …