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Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business,

Book Reviews / June 2013

John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, Foreword by Bill George. Boston: Harvard Business Review Press, 2013.

Conscious Capitalism coverPreface

Russ VolckmannThis essay/review is primarily US-centric and my irresistible attraction to digging a little deeper into the lives of the authors, as well as exploring their work. I have labeled this section as a preface because it is truly material that I am offering before reading the book. I believe this is a reasonable approach, since my …

John P. Forman and Laurel A. Ross. Integral Leadership: The Next Half-Step.

Leadership Emerging / June 2013

John P. Forman and Laurel A. Ross. integral leadership cover Albany, NY: Excelsior Editions, SUNY, 2013.

If you are looking for an introductory text that you can include in an undergraduate or Master’s course on leadership, here it is. In addition to laying out the elements of the Wilberian integral model in relation to leadership, the authors have accumulated many supporting examples from the literature, but little from direct experience. This is surprising since Forman is the Managing Director of Integral Development Associates …

Richard Katz and Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, Eds. Synergy, Healing, and Empowerment: Insights from Cultural Diversity.

Leadership Emerging / June 2013

Richard Katz and Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, Eds. Synergy, Healing, and Empowerment: Insights from Cultural Diversity. Calgary: Brush Education, 2012.

Richard Katz and Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, Eds. Synergy, Healing, and Empowerment: Insights from Cultural Diversity. coverIt was the cultural diversity part that drew me to this book. Richard Katz is a scholar who has done research in multiple cultures, while Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu is born of and has varied life experiences in at least two. While their work is represented here, this is an edited volume with the work of several authors.

Here is a taste of …

The Divine in Leadership: In Claritas Spring Retreat, Salisbury 2013

Notes from the Field / June 2013

Pam Fuhrmann

Our relationship to the divine impacts our worldview and our orientation to self and leading others. Our notions of control and emergence; attitudes towards change; ways of relating, collaborating and creating shared meaning; and our perception of paradox are a few such examples the divine’s influence.

Through one’s orientation to the divine, one may find fundamental differences in how beliefs are understood to be true, such as historical and literally or mythic, figurative, and theoretical. One might ask, …

Leadership Cartoon

Leadership Cartoon / June 2013

Leadership isn't what it's cracked up to be!

Mark Hill is a cartoonist whose cartoons have been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers, including Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

My specialty is cartoons and humorous illustration for advertising, business and publish- ing. Fortune 500 clients with national advertising campaigns are among my repeat custom- ers…as well as start-up businesses with smaller budgets. 95% of my clients are outside of my home state of Colorado…so I can create something for you, no matter …


Announcements / June 2013

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28th Annual Symposium for the
 Society for Research in Adult Development
June 21=234, 2013

The Symposium will focus on positive
adult development, which refers to expanded capabilities and changes that 
improve the quality of life from adolescence on.  The Symposium is going to …

Your Life is Your Message

Leadership Quote / June 2013

Your life is your message. Leadership by example is not only the most pervasive but also the most enduring form of leadership. And because the world is becoming more interconnected, standards of leadership have an impact that extend around the globe. Now, as never before, a higher standard of leadership will serve us all.

~ Keshavan Nair

Therese Rowley. Mapping a New Reality: Discovering intuitive intelligence

Leadership Emerging / June 2013

Therese Rowley. Mapping a New Reality: Discovering intuitive intelligence. Author, 2012.

Mark Harman

mapping a new reality cover

As one reads the book, Mapping a New Reality by Dr. Rowley, it is quickly observed that she strives to encourage the reader to explore and find the patterns and interconnectedness among their personal experiences. Conceptually, the experience is similar to constructing a Tony Buzan ‘Mind Map’ of your life, thoughts and experiences and seeing how they are connected with each other.

Conceptual Overview

As the …

Elza S. Maalouf: Spiral Dynamics and the Middle East

Fresh Perspective / June 2013

Russ Volckmann

Russ: Elza Maalouf, it is a great honor and privilege and pleasure to have you return to the pages of the Integral Leadership Review.

Elza: It‘s always a pleasure to talk to you Russ and thank you for ILR.

Russ: You’ve published material in Integral Leadership Review about some of your activities in the Middle East with Don Beck implementing spiral dynamics or bringing spiral dynamics to Palestine. I think there’s been some reference to your work in …