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Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / March 2010

Terry Patten & Deborah Boyar at One Spirit Learning Alliance
by Lynne Feldman and Joanne Rubin

While a blizzard raged to our south, it was cold and clear outside in New York City. Inside the airy room at One Spirit Learning Alliance about 40 people had gathered to welcome Terry and Deborah present on Embodied Spirituality: Exploring the 3 Faces of God. They are both part-time New Yorkers, although Deborah visits more frequently and is an important part of the …


Announcements / March 2010

Integral Review

Special Issue on Integral Politics, edited by Sara Ross

Available Now:


Meaning Conference 2010

The International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM) is pleased to announce the 6th Biennial International Meaning Conference to be held August 5-8, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. The main conference theme this year is:

Creating a psychologically healthy workplace: Meaning, spirituality and engagement

INPM brings together a diverse group of the world’s leading thinkers, research scientists, and professionals to tackle the challenge of …


Book Reviews / March 2010

Raul Quinones Rosado
Toward an Integral Psychology of Liberation & Transformation
Caguas, Puerto Rico: Ile Publications, 2007
by Russ Volckmann

rosado covervolckmannHave you ever been to an integral event? Workshops near Boulder, Colorado? Or ILP sessions in San Francisco or New York? Or Integral Leadership in Action in Texas? Or the Integral Theory Conference in Concord, California? I have not been to all of those, but I have been to enough to hear myself wondering, “Where are the people of …

Leadership Comments

Leading Comments / March 2010

Russ Volckmann, Editor

Thanks and Here’s More!

NOTE: Send your nominations for the book or article that is the best you read in 2009. Please do so by April 15. We will announce the award in the June 2010 issue of Integral Leadership Review.

I would like to thank all of you who responded to the request for support. I noticed today that the Friends Page looked different from the way I remembered it, so I am having my …

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / March 2010

Karma and the Quadrants:
Reflections on a Presentation to iNYC
by Jordan Schachter

I have been attempting to share for this publication a summary of my PowerPoint presentation. The presentation is designed to move Integral people beyond Yellow to Turquoise. The challenge is that Yellow is about rational. My re-telling of Turquoise is post-rational. My presentation says, “The map is the territory because there is no territory and thus the map is your mind.”

The 7 stages of the spiral …


Feature Articles / March 2010

Making the Transdisciplinary University a Reality
by Sue L.T. McGregor and Russ Volckmann

mcgregorvolckmannThe purpose of this article is to introduce a new series for Integral Leadership Review. One of the many streams of thought that we have been featuring here is transdisciplinary. See the articles by Sue McGregor (2009a) and another by Predrag Cicovaki (2009) in previous issues. Almost a year ago Russ learned of an effort at Arizona State University to develop transdisciplinary programs and approaches. We …


Feature Articles / March 2010

Higher Education and Bad Practice
by José van den Akker


Universities. And What about Miscommunication and Accountability?

Universities usually control context and supply the dominant logic. A problem lies in remaining unaware of hidden programmed or indoctrinated thinking that produces predetermined values. Usually accompanied by an emotional impulse to correct or amend, it reinforces an automatic tendency to discipline, control, and bring into line.

Society’s resistance to this approach cannot be resolved by simply adding new values, stories, or …

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field / March 2010

Five days in the Incubator: Integral Boulder
March 2010,

by Gary Hawke

In 2009 at the Integral Leadership in Action conference, I was a panel member on the pre-conference discussion “The Frothy Edge of Integral Leadership”. The consensus of the panel was that we have made the 50,000-foot altitude now we need to begin the work of actualising an Integral World.

What better way for me to define how I want to take this challenge on than to spend 5 …

Leadership Cartoon

Leadership Cartoon / March 2010

leadership cartoon

Mark Hill

l am a cartoonist whose cartoons have been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers, including Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

My specialty is cartoons and humorous illustration for advertising, business and publishing. Fortune 500 clients with national advertising campaigns are among my repeat customers…as well as start-up businesses with smaller budgets. 95% of my clients are outside of my home state of Colorado…so I can create something for you, no matter where …


Feature Articles / March 2010

Some Questions About Europe
by Dorothea F. Zimmer

Thinking about how best to express the multitude of my thoughts on the topic of the future of Europe in a short article, I frequently step outside into the sunshine to pick the old leaves and blossoms from my plants on the terrace. As often, I am amused by the symbolic nature of my actions: removing the old that wants to die, this way making space for the new. My body carries …