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4/28 – The developing developments of development!

Leading Comments / April-June 2016

I’m pleased to introduce you the first release of the April-June Issue of the Integral Leadership Review. First off, I have to say I am excited to be heading to the Integral European Conference, May 4th – 8th. Our very own Natasha Mantler will be presenting on Women’s Authentic Leadership Development, delving into the correlation between women’s authentic leadership and stages of adult development. I have the pleasure of leading a dialogue around Searching for Next Stage …

1/18 – Russian Enigma: Guest Editor’s Reflections

Leading Comments / January-February 2016

Eugene Pustoshkin

Russia cannot be understood with the mind alone . . .
Fyodor Tyutchev (1803–1873), a poet

Russia is enigmatic mystery. It is full of paradoxes, contrasts, and opposites, a kind of simultaneous divergence of the opposites and coincidentia oppositorum, the country of both dissociation-fragmentation and the thirst for wholeness, healing, and transcendence.

Here, very rich coincide with very poor, scarcity of spirit coincides with spiritual abundance, damnation of souls with revival of spirit. It is the …

11/30 – May WE-volution continue!

Leading Comments / August-November 2015

Welcome to the 3rd and final release of the August-November 2015 Issue of Integral Leadership Review. As this WE-volutionary edition comes to a close, I would like to say thank you to all who contribute to the Integral field. In a time of chaotic global transition, your attention and intention are especially needed.

Rounding out this robust issue, I am specifically thankful for the following contributions! The release begins with an exhortation by Rob McNamara to Stop being authentic, …

8/19 – WE-volution

Leading Comments / August-November 2015

Eric Reynolds


Wow! Need I say more? Wow!!

I’m truly honored and humbled to be composing these leading comments, not to mention thrilled to bring you the first release of the August-November 2015 Issue of Integral Leadership Review. What has emerged is a transdisciplinary exploration of WE space. An effervescent field of creative tension infused with evolutionary impulse bubbles up as we meet our collective potential in the composition, orchestration and performance of our individual and cosmic unfolding. The instruments …

6/16 – June Release

Leading Comments / April - June 2015

Dear readers,

I am pleased to present the June release of the April-June issue of the ILR. We have a delectable offering for you to enjoy. This month,

Edward Kelly Interviews Charles Handy

Michael Schwartz offers a tribute to Roy Bhaskar

Sahlan Momo explores language and universe

Jordan Luftig gives us a peak into ITC 2015

Sue McGregor’s Peer Reviewed article compares Nicolescuian and Zurich approaches to Transdisciplinarity

Dena Rosko shares her experiences with a Saybrook crisis management workshop

Allison …

4/7 – Bridging Integral

Leading Comments / April - June 2015

With much pleasure I present the first release of the April/June 2015 Issue of the ILR! We have some exciting new changes to share and of course, great content! This issue emerged with a theme of “bridging”, reflective of the intent of the journal and the nature of transdisciplinary and integral approaches.

I have the honor of introducing Nancy Southern as Associate Editor for Organizational Learning. Nancy brings with her a distinguished career that has spanned corporate consulting and academic …

2/15 – From Totem Guides and Lock Masters to World Legacy Light

Leading Comments / January-February 2015

Marilyn Hamilton

With this second wave of the Integral Leadership Review – Canada (ILR – C) issue, I imagine, the Rideau Canal lock system symbolizing the environment where our authors interact with the leaders and leadership insights that they have contributed to this special Canada issue.

In the heart of Ottawa, Canada’s national capital, the Rideau Canal provides year round service and engagement to Canadian citizens and society[i].


Figure 1: Rideau Canal “Rideau Canal Locks” by Snowjam – Own work.

1/15 – A Totem for Curating a Story of Leadership in Canada

Leading Comments / January-February 2015

Marilyn Hamilton

A Brief View of Curating

Reticence. Modesty. Loyalty. Generosity. These qualities often mark the Canadian character and our propensity to downplay the adventure, excitement, daring, risk and courage that influence how we tell our stories of accomplishment and achievement. But those are not the words that sprung to mind when Russ Volckmann invited me to be Guest Editor of this Canada issue of Integral Leadership Review (ILR-C).

Pattern making. Pattern recognition. Pattern amplification. Excessive Network Connecting. These …

12/21 – Leading Comments

Leading Comments / August - November 2014

Mark McCaslin

Welcome to the final release of the Integral Leadership Review for 2014. In reviewing the year I am totally astounded by the depth and breadth of the contributions made in our quest to discuss and learn about and around this thing we call leadership. If you are a regular reader I would recommend such a reflective journey – to skim back through the year’s offerings in order to gain an integral understanding of our vector and velocity. If …

9/24 – Leading Comments: Mid-Volume Release

Leading Comments / August - November 2014

Welcome to the mid-release of the August – November 2014 Volume of the Integral Leadership Review. We would also wish to welcome Benyamin Lichtenstein, PhD, University of Massachusetts, as our Associate Editor for Complexity. Expect to learn more about Ben in upcoming releases. New in this release you will find:

Fresh Perspective

Nancy Southern and Transformative Learning

Russ Volckmann

Feature Articles

Building Authentic Leadership by Innovating How You Lead

Maureen Metcalf

Integral Foundations for a New Politics

Bruce Schuman…