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Letters / August 2006


Hi Russ.

I have just read your web site and recent interview with the authors of Leadership Agility. A Conversation with Bill Joiner and Steve Joseph. I really enjoyed it and kept wondering of course if I had attained their ultimate level of leadership Agility…(It’s now 5am here in Sydney and my birthday June 8-turn 55 today…I guess i will have to wait until Oct and find out!).

Have been coaching and leadership training, facilitating etc for a few …

Letters to Integral Leadership Review

Letters / September 2005

Greetings Russ,

…I was a student of Joe Rost (1995-97) at USD. Joe just forwarded to me a link to your interview with him…it was great! Congrats!…

I also note in your journal, you had Denny Roberts write a nice note about Rost’s influence at the University of Miami-Ohio. I wanted you to know that my dissertation research was on Rost’s postindustrial concept (an evaluative study of its currency and praxis) and that I just recently accepted an Assistant Professor …

Letters to Integral Leadership Review

Letters / July 2005

In response to the Integral for the Masses column in the April 2005 issue of Integral Leadership Review:

Being in the process to write an Integrally-informed was a familiar experience, as well as an unpleasant one (to say the least) to read about the quibbles in circles supposedly integrally informed.

Quibbling guys & dolls: please see the stakes and reconsider your SO important perspective-wars. To the extent you care for the ones less well off, you should plaster our …


Letters / November 2002

Thanks for this news [ Integral Leadership Review, October 2002]. I’ve had a number of opportunities to interact with Mike Jay and he has a first class mind, with a depth of understanding of the dynamics of leadership. I strongly recommend that others read this interview.

Also, the November 11, 2002 issue of BusinessWeek has an excellent feature story on CEO Coaches. It begins with the following: “Few chief executives will talk about it. But more and more, they’re turning …


Letters / September 2002


I just wanted to thank you for the great work you’re doing with your newsletter. The time is right for a new approach to leadership, and many of us are sensing the greater possibilities while we experiment with new approaches. It seems to me we need to emphasize the higher possibilities (creativity, vision, intuition) while at the same time focusing on the here and now (compassion, practicality, deep change).

Your newsletter brings together the big ideas with a practical …


Letters / January 2002

Thanks for your consistent sharing of your e-journal! I appreciate it!!

Russ, you might consider doing an article on why diversity is good business. The reality is that diversity does effect the bottom line. I personally go to businesses that represent the values that I hold, when I have a choice. Innovation, creativity and remaining on the cutting edge is enhanced with good well thought out diversity strategies. If diversity is to be truly effective one needs to have diversity …