Design Me a Planet and Being 2012

We have initiated a series of videos featuring Michel Saloff-Coste of France. He is the founder of Integral University there and has initiated an approach, Design Me a Planet. To learn more about the latter watch this interview and/or read his article in the October 2012 issue of Integral Leadership Review.

The second interview is with Barbara Marx Hubbard. Michel Saloff-Coste discusses with her the history of her interest in integral and its application to her work in future studies. She also discusses the forthcoming Being 2012 taking place around the world on December 22, 2012.

One thought on “Design Me a Planet and Being 2012

  1. Sarah Verwei

    The interviews are clear and they need to be shared for a long time to inform the people how they can learn the new thinking. There is a new worldview arising to change the system and that is what needs to be done.
    Lots of people that are not studying system science of system thinking and don,t know what consciousness is..need to be guided and we need to inform them from the insight of the system of the people that are aware of this and know about the new paradigm.
    The first tool we can use is facebook, I am sharing the new thinking for a year now with more then two thousand of friends, what integral thinking is, what it means to be in a shift right now and what is happening in the world, how the integral thinkers are coming together to create one vision, that is what we need.
    that is the clearity.
    Each day I am sharing this, step by step so we can reach everyone in a few years, these interviews are great and very useful to show the people how to look at this perspective, and even with a religion or other culture, they can step into this new way of thinking ,that is what we need to do, that is the syntony quest we are making. That is what conversations are about, to take action with each other, in respect , feeling and being in the world and listening with every cell in our body. Thank you for the interview. Love Sarah , Ambassador Syntony Quest


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