July 2020
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7/31 – July 2020 Cover
Eric Reynolds

Eric Reynolds

Leading Comments
7/31 – Creativity, Consciousness, and Leadership: Coronavirus and Beyond
Eric Reynolds Natasha Mantler and Jeremy Johnson
Dear readers, Many thanks for tuning in to the July 2020 issue of ILR. I daresay, we have a great issue to share. The overall theme of this issue is Creativity, Consciousness and Leadership: Coronavirus and Beyond. Most of the articles in this issue address, either directly or indirectly, the following from our Call for […]
Leadership Quote
7/31 – Jacinda Ardern Quotes
Jacinda Ardern
On leadership: “To me, leadership is not about necessarily being the loudest in the room, but instead being the bridge, or the thing that is missing in the discussion and trying to build a consensus from there.” On corona virus: “The worst case scenario is simply intolerable. It would represent the greatest loss of New Zealander’s lives […]
Leadership Coaching Tips
7/31 – Leadership Development – Three Dimensions of Skill, Stage, State
Anouk Brack
Anouk Brak Hello! My name is Anouk Brack and I’m an expert in leadership development. We know about skills development in leadership, project management skills and conversation skills and all kinds of soft skills that are important. But skill is only one of the three dimensions of leadership development. There are two more dimensions that […]
Fresh Perspective
7/31 – Talking Transcendence: Scott Barry Kaufman in Dialogue with Alfonso Montuori
Scott Barry Kaufman and Alfonso Montuori
Scott Barry Kaufman and Alfonso Montuori Alfonso: Scott, your earlier books drew extensively from neuroscience. This one rediscovers and updates Maslow and Humanistic psychology, the latter a tradition that has not been at the forefront of psychology for many years now. What prompted this decision? Scott: Why now? A: Right. Because humanistic psychology fell out […]
Feature Articles
7/31 – Transdisciplinary Logics of Complexity
Sue L. T. McGregor
Sue L. T. McGregor Introduction Transdisciplinarity (TD) has evolved over the last 40 years as a way to grapple with the complex, wicked problems facing humanity (McGregor, 2015; Nicolescu, 2014). Examples include health inequality, climate change, unsustainability, loss of diversity, poverty, uneven development, and unequal income and wealth distribution. Trans takes us beyond multi (more than one) and inter (between, among) disciplinarity, […]
7/31 – Pandemia as Limensphere: Placemaking via Collective Validation, Storied Systems Design, & Spiritual Co-Action for a Health System with an Economics of Heritage for All
Dena Rosko
Dena Michele Rosko The power lines zapped overhead in the late September sky as I crossed the open field, past the new and empty play toy, and around the newly painted white building with tall and lean windows and vacant eyes. On that warm late summer day, I had finished photographing the 10th anniversary of […]
7/31 – On Apocalyptic Hyperobjects, Current Riots in our Westworld, and the Integral Meditation Practice to Cultivate Meta-Awareness
Eugene Pustoshkin
Introduction: The Year When the Earth Discontinued This year has proven to be challenging, indeed! It is full of sociocultural, medical, economical, and psychological turmoil for many people across the world. Large-scale events erupted and interrupted continuities of our everyday existence. 2020 can be called The Year When the Earth Stood Still—and Discontinuity and Discord prevailed. […]
7/31 – Business Agility
Michael Morrow-Fox and Maureen Metcalf
Michael Morrow-Fox, Maureen Metcalf Creating a Company that Perpetually Evolves: Methodology Soup As the COVID-19 Pandemic turned businesses worldwide upside down, business consultants were flooded with executive requests for help. Many business leaders were dumbfounded to find themselves on daily video calls witnessing staff reactions void of data and filled with anecdotal concerns. Normally competent […]
7/31 – Corona-Crisis Exposes the Need for Transformative Leadership
Jaap Geerlof
Jaap Geerlof COVID-19: The Latest Pandemic On the last day of 2019, health officials from China reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) about a group of 41 patients with similar symptoms of an unknown type of pneumonia. The outbreak in China became world news. On January 7, 2020, Chinese authorities identified a novel coronavirus […]
7/31 – What Lyme Disease Patients Teach Us About Living in a COVID-19 World
Anna Frost
Anna Frost When COVID-19 and the subsequent quarantines broke out in the United States beginning in March 2020, the news was unsettling but not incredible. Being that I have completed years of advocacy and research for another zoonotic disease—lyme disease—it was clear to me that lyme patients have insight and tools that may inform people […]
7/31 – The Undervalued Creative Thinking Aspect of Criticality in Online Graduate Education
Tracy Cooper
Tracy Cooper “I’m no artist; I can’t even draw a stick figure!”  How many students have you known who say something like this? Too often students, by the time they are graduate students, have effectively sealed off creative thinking as occurring not only solely in the realm of the fine artist but also as something they are […]
7/31 – Toxic Leadership and Followership Typologies: A Partial Replication Study with Scale Refinement
R. Mark Bell
Toxic leadership and followership remain emerging sectors of inquiry within the overall field of leadership study. As a result of the relative paucity of research on both toxic leadership and followership, there remains a continued need for scale refinement in order to ensure valid and reliable scales are available to measure the constructs. The present […]
7/31 – Evolutionary regularities of the “act of giving” across neo-Piagetian adult development stages and the transformative power of contemplative prayer
Melita Balas Rant
Melita Balas Rant Introduction A central regularity discovered by the neo-Piagetian school of constructive human development is that adults (like children) can further evolve in their cognitive, affective and behavioral tendencies. Second, the main tendency is an evolution towards greater complexity, to reconstruct more inclusive identities, and adopt more complex meaning-making and value systems. Third, […]
7/31 – Coronavirus Strain COVID-19 From Multiple Perspectives
Daryl S. Paulson
by Daryl S. Paulson, PhD BioScience Laboratories, Inc. The coronavirus has been on this planet for years and changes from time to time. COVID-19 is the strain of coronavirus that is causing the current pandemic. The virus’ original host was animals, but in Wuhan, China, it switched hosts to humans. The virus mutated slightly in its replication […]
Emerging Scholars
7/31 – Self Led Leadership for Self and the Other
Linda Lilian
Linda Lilian Northhouse (2007:p3) said leadership was a process in which an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. In this definition emphasis is placed on the individuals ability to influence. In this paper it is argued that leadership is rooted in the individual (self), thus affecting the individual who in […]
7/31 – To Woman or Man Up for Leadership: The Case of the Uganda Parliament
Linda Lilian
Linda Lilia Introduction “Embwa ezala embwa” (a dog reproduces a dog) was a response given in a research inquiry regarding women were more ethically apt than men. The response which hinged on women’s performance as legislators received a feedback that indicated a woman being mentored in a patriarchal system would not deliver the much anticipated […]
Notes from the Field
7/31 – Review of IEC 2020 Online
Tom Habib
Tom Habib Our need to share our experiences at IEC 2020 threatened to relegate us to a Tower of Babel. The energy swirled among the members of San Diego Integral who attended the conference. Our intent was to share a single presentation that changed us. We invited fellow Integralists form all over the globe. Jesse Greene was up at […]
7/31 – The current state of Integral in Russia
Eugene Pustoshkin
Eugene Pustoshkin This essay was initially written for the Integral European Conference 2020 newsletter and blog in March 2020—it was published there in a significantly abbreviated form. The current version of the text was expanded and updated in June 2020.  There are a few streams of the Integral movement’s emergence and growth in Russia. In […]
7/31 – Our Moment of Choice: A New Book by The Evolutionary Leaders Community Suggests Integral Solutions for an Integral World
Kurt Johnson Robert Atkinson Diane Marie Williams and Deborah Moldow
Kurt Johnson, Robert Atkinson, Diane Marie Williams and Deborah Moldow  When discussions turn to the multifarious complexities of interconnected challenges and possible solutions, Ken Wilber is well known for sitting back, laughing, and saying “yes, it’s an all-quadrant-phenomenon—all the time!”   By this—in integral terms—he means that we all have our first person, second person, third […]
Book Reviews
7/31 – Book Review of Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness by Rick Hanson
Brooke Linn
Written by Brooke Linn  “An experience of patience or any other psychological resource is a state of mind, and enjoying it helps turn it into a positive trait embedded in your brain” (Hanson 20). This is the foundation of Rick Hanson’s book titled Resilient, which is a timely resource for anyone looking to harness the […]