November 2018
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11/30 – November 2018 Cover
Eric Reynolds
November 2018 Cover
Leading Comments
11/30 – Welcome to the November 2018 addition!
Natasha Mantler
We are excited to share with you contributions from around the world. Our Feature Articles are from Spain (Marco Antonio Robledo), Russia (Eugene Pustoshkin), United States (Ray Gehani) and Japan (Ian Roth)! Georg Boch (Germany) interviews Robin Lincoln Wood (France), which is informative, transparent and hopeful! Eugene also provides us with a review of two […]
Leadership Quote
11/30 – Brené Brown
Brené Brown
“I’m not afraid of the word revolution, I’m afraid of a world that’s becoming less courageous and authentic. I’ve always believed that in a world full of critics, cynics, and fearmongers, taking off the armor and rumbling with vulnerability, living into our values, braving trust with open hearts, and learning to rise so we can […]
Leadership Coaching Tips
11/30 – We Recreate Ourselves
Courtney Feider
One of my favorite things about The Leadership Circle is that it fundamentally supports the idea that we recreate ourselves. The Reactive half of the circle offers us a frame for the things that have happened to us historically and a rooting in the way that has impacted us as humans over the course of […]
11/30 – Insight Guide’s Listening Tips
Laura Johnson
The other day I was texting with a friend. He spent time with someone we both knew and I asked how it had been. His response “It was interesting. On one level, I like what she says sometimes. And on the other hand, she doesn’t get out of coach mode very easily. So it can feel like you’re being […]
Fresh Perspective
11/30 – Interview with Robin Lincoln Wood
Georg Boch
George:  Hello Robin! I’m happy that we have a chance to have this conversation about your work. Especially because in the last years … well I’ve been a great fan of your work and we had a chance to work together as well on certain of your projects. I think this is a great opportunity […]
Feature Articles
11/30 – Prolegomena to Art’s Transdisciplinarity
Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz The Project This paper is prolegomena to art’s transdisciplinarity, a project ontologically motivated through inquiry into the transcendental conditions of art. It opens with the question: “what does the socio-cultural world need to be like for art to have emerged and endured as a human activity and product?” A answer to this question, […]
11/30 – Paths of Waking Up and Growing Up as Vectors of Growth to Greater Wisdom and Joy
Eugene Pustoshkin
There are two foundational vectors of consciousness and self-development: vertical and horizontal. Vertical Development is studied by developmental psychology. The psychology of child development studies stages of consciousness and selfhood formation in children. The study of Adult Development investigates the trajectory of an adult personality through the stages of increasing maturity of meaning-making and self-sense. […]
11/30 – Gandhi’s Dialectic Struggle with Interior – Exterior Integration: 6s Lessons from Paradoxical Success of Integral Leadership
Ray Gehani
The visionary philosopher Ken Wilber (1974) proposed integral leadership theory while exploring the role of human consciousness at the individual level. Wilber gradually added more richness with complexity, comprehensiveness, trans-disciplinarity, and inclusiveness. In the 1990s, Wilber also noted that the Western empirical orientation of leadership was often rooted in the external and material world, with […]
11/30 – Towards a Language of Well-Being: A Generative Inquiry
Ian Roth
It is commonly recognised that language is a reflection of culture and the reality portrayed by that culture. The reverse of this relationship, despite being less often considered, is no less impactful. The ways language is used serve to create patterns of thought, beliefs, behaviours, cultures, and, ultimately, realities. Wittgenstein claimed that the limits of […]
11/30 – Hierarchy of Anarchy: Holarchical Structures and 3D Management
Marco Antonio Robledo
  Getting rid of formal bosses does not mean hierarchy disappears. That is a common misunderstanding in this new tendency towards boss-less and flat organizations. In this paper we resort to integral theory and its application to business, 3D Management, to explain how hierarchy is a natural and desirable condition fully compatible with self-management. The […]
Book Reviews
11/30 – Going Horizontal: Creating a Non-Hierarchical Organization, One Practice at a Time 
Mary Michaud
In Going Horizontal: Creating a Non-hierarchical Organization, One Practice at a Time Samantha Slade has captured in plain language how to achieve what so many of us have longed for deep down: A genuine invitation to common purpose through non-hierarchical practice, simple rules, and self-reflection. While the book’s tone feels like a conversation around Slade’s Montreal kitchen table, […]
11/30 – Development: Emerging Worldviews and Systems Change Volume 1 and 2
Eugene Pustoshkin
Innovative Development: Emerging Worldviews and Systems Change (Integral Publishers, 2015) is a useful volume (edited by late Tom Christensen—you did a very good job here, Tom, and I wish you a blissful journey in the afterlife, whatever and however it is in actuality) that contains papers on Spiral Dynamics (SD) and the Gravesian theory as […]