January 2011
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Leadership Cartoon
Leadership Cartoon: Mark Hill
Mark Hill
  Mark Hill l am a cartoonist whose cartoons have been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers, including Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. My specialty is cartoons and humorous illustration for advertising, business and publish- ing. Fortune 500 clients with national advertising campaigns are among my repeat custom- ers…as […]
Leading Comments
Leading Comments
Raghu Ananthanarayanan
January 2011 Issue Before turning this column over to the Guest Editor of this special issue on India I want to share some of my own relationship to that amazing subcontinent. When I was a senior in college (1960-61) I took a two semester seminar in political science, my major, that required a significant research […]
Leadership Quote
Leadership Quote: Pulin K. Garg
Russ Volckmann
“The nature of system is certainty; the nature of structure is security; the nature of beauty is order. These define the ‘oughts’ of a good society. When the ‘oughts’ become ‘musts’, they become tools of oppression and unleash great sorrow. When that sad day arrives, the way to regenerate the society is not to defy or […]
Leadership Coaching Tips
Leadership Coaching Tip: Manager, Hero and Leader
Raghu Ananthanarayanan
Manager, Hero and Leader Raghu Ananthanarayanan India is going through a remarkable transformation. It is racing towards becoming a leader on the world stage. In doing that it is leapfrogging over many stages of growth that the west has been through. The IT and Telecom Industries vie with the best in the world, its infrastructure […]
Fresh Perspective
Fresh Perspective: A Conversation with Om Prakash Bhatt, Chairman of the Board State Bank of India
Prasad Kaipa
Prasad Kaipa Prasad Kaipa: This is an interview for the Integral Leadership Review. There is a special issue that is going to be published on India. We have chosen to pick one corporate leader for an interview. We think you are the right person to be interviewed. We have formulated these questions with the editor […]
Feature Articles
Featured Article: The Integral Self System Model and Sustainable Leadership
S. Suresh Kumar
S. Suresh Kumar Abstract Self system models have a great bearing on our personality, perceptions and personal leadership abilities and approaches. The usual models are contingent on subjective systems based on a localized self awareness and sense of the self as bodily consciousness with its limitations. This inevitably reflects on our leadership styles and self […]
Feature Article: Unraveling the DNA of Bharti Airtel
Anil Nayar
Anil Nayar Editors Note: In the early nineties, India went through a liberalization of its economy. The era of government controls and large Public sector investments gave way to an encouragement of private equity and foreign investment. Bharthi Airtel is a spectacular success of this era. The reader will notice how Sunil Mittal has been […]
Feature Article: Exploring What Is Indian: A Parable and a Discussion
Raghu Ananthanarayanan
Raghu Ananthanarayanan A Parable: A young woman had committed suicide. She was the daughter of a respected village elder. It was an open secret that this girl was in love with a boy who belonged to a lower caste, but who was educated and lived in the “city.” He held a good job. The village […]
Feature Article: ‘Koodam’ – Breaking Hierarchy, Building Democracy!
V. Suresh and Pradip Prabhu
V. Suresh and Pradip Prabhu The editor’s comments: The Koodam represents one of the most successful applications of second tier thinking that I have come across. The authors of this paper have worked with tribal issues in the hinterland of India. They have had to face police repression on a few occasions. The personal courage […]
Featured Article: The Tensegrity Mandala: A Model for Organization Design
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh Preamble This article takes a close hard look at Organization Design. We asked ourselves, why should we write about Organization Design amidst times when managers all across the world, are facing unnerving dilemmas and painful transitions, as they struggle to respond to a global downturn, under a looming threat of a possible collapse […]
Feature Article: ‘Amirtasya Putraha’ (Children of Immortal Bliss) Rejoice being ‘Slumdog Millionaire’?
O. B. Ramasubramanian Editors Note:The dawn of Independence in India also saw the breakdown of a dialogue between the believers in the Nehruvian Model of development and the Gandhian. What is visible today is the economic growth of India.  However, with the global crises accelerating, the Gandhian perspectives of development and growth are becoming recognized […]
Featured Article: How to Win the Hearts and the Heads of CEOs
R. Sridhar
R. Sridhar Editors Note: This paper narrates the author’s excitement in being able to find a convergence between his Orange Organizational Identity and his yearning to merge his Purple and Blue selves that don’t find expression in the business context. The Indian mind has been both luaded and criticised for being very flexible. What is […]
Featured Article: Telos – A Consciousness Based Perspective
Manoj Pavitran
Manoj Pavitran in collaboration with Arul Dev   Telos is a model of consciousness and its evolutionary journey, based on the pioneering work of Sri Aurobindo1, a philosopher yogi and well known spiritual master of India who articulated an integral perspective nearly a century ago. Telos has in focus the evolutionary transformation of the individual […]
Learner Papers
Learner Paper: The Mechanisms of Social Innovation: Creating Knowledge and Developing Leadership via Process
Stacy Townsley
Stacy Townsley Introduction: Perspectives on Change My research interest centers on how we can bridge old and new social structures in addressing societal needs. Social entrepreneurship (SE)—also referred to in this paper as social innovation—is possibly one type of ‘bridge’ social structure. The definition of social entrepreneurship varies, although all conceptions at least implicitly center […]
Notes from the Field
Notes from the Field: Integral New York Explores Empathy
Robin Reinach
Robin Reinach On the eve of winter, Integral New York examined empathy and “the miracle of we.” Gilles Herrada led twenty-four Ken Wilber Meet Up participants in exploring questions such as: How important is empathy to Integral theory? How does empathy look through the lens of the four quadrants? And how do we each experience […]
Notes from the Field: African Integral Development Network (AIDEN) 2010 International Conference
Oliver Ngodo
Oliver Ngodo Saturday December 11, 2010, AIDEN held its first International conference in the main auditorium of One Sky, the Canadian Institute of Sustainable Living, in Calabar, the capital city of Nigeria’s South-South state of Cross River. This event elicited free-flowing expressions of joy and fulfillment from participants – the reality of AIDEN is a […]
Notes from the Field: International Centre for Integral Studies (ICIS)
Matthew Rich
Matthew Rich During my time working in India in 2010 I became increasingly interested in the work of Sri Aurobindo. I had obviously encountered Aurobindo’s name through my readings of Ken Wilber and thought that I had familiarized with a lot of his key ideas (in retrospect I don’t think that this was the case […]
Notes from the Field: Playing for Change: Transforming the World with Joy
Vanita Ramirez
Vanita Ramirez One of Ken Wilber’s visions is of a world federation led by individuals at later stages of consciousness, individuals who can see with greater complexity and make decisions that will bring greater beauty, truth and goodness to all of us, individuals who support the evolution of consciousness in service to a better future […]
Notes from the Field: Research Work Supporting an Integrally Informed Master of Arts Program in Conflict Analysis and Engagement
Richard McGuigan
Richard McGuigan The Master of Arts program in Conflict Analysis and Engagement (CAE) at Antioch University Midwest (AUM) is a hybrid distributed learning program designed to engage the whole person and to facilitate the growth of consciousness and complexity of meaning-making among its students. In support of the Master of Arts program, several research studies […]
Notes from the Field: Breakthrough Solutions for People and Planet: A Review of the Bioneers Gathering at Findhorn, Scotland, UK
Anouk Brack and Rik Hoevers
Anouk Brack & Rik Hoevers Bioneers is an emerging culture of social and scientific innovators who are mimicking nature’s operating instructions to serve human ends while healing nature. For more than twenty years Bioneers have promoted practical environmental solutions and innovative social strategies for restoring Earth’s imperiled ecosystems and healing our human communities. In their journey […]
Leadership Emerging
Leadership Emerging: Descriptions of Books, Articles and Other Media
Russ Volckmann
In Leadership Emerging we bring to your attention new texts of special interest and merit. Check out these promising titles… ReVison: Special Issue on Transformative Leadership, Edited by Alfonso Montouri and Urusa Fahim, Winter 2010, Volume 30, Nos. 3 & 4. Published almost a year ago, this highly relevant issue of ReVision includes articles by […]
Book Reviews
Book Review: Child Man—The Selfless Narcissist
Arundhati Ghosh
Child Man—The Selfless Narcissist by Ashok Malhotra Arundhati Ghosh Ashok Malhotra, graduated in Philosophy before doing a post graduation in Management. His career comprises a stint in teaching at the  Administrative Staff College, leading the HR function in Indian as well as Multinational companies. He is now a management consultant who has over two decades […]
Russ Volckmann
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Integral Leadership Review Website Overhaul As you no doubt have noticed, we are in the process of overhauling Integral Leadership Review, and creating a website that can accommodate new interactive Web 2.0 technologies. Eventually, all of the material from the original site will be brought into the new site and be indexed and searchable via […]
Coda: And now…?
Russ Volckmann
  “Coda can denote any concluding event, summation, or section.” – From Wikipedia 1. (Music / Classical Music) Music the final, sometimes inessential, part of a musical structure. 2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a concluding part of a literary work, especially a summary at the end of a novel of further developments in the […]