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Cognition: Theory, Measurement, Implications

Feature Articles / June 2013

Maretha Prinsloo and Paul Barrett


Given the spectrum of consciousness as postulated by various consciousness theorists, cognition, according to Wilber’s All Quadrants All Levels (AQAL) metatheory merely represents a developmental “line” or “stream”, and does not encapsulate the essence or apex of consciousness. However, as proposed in a previous article on consciousness theory (Prinsloo, 2012), the fractal nature of the various “streams or lines” of development reflects that of the overall evolutionary emergence of consciousness,

From Paris: Modes of Explanation, “A Discussion Conference”

Notes from the Field / June 2013

Brian Van der Horst

Modes of Explanation, “A Discussion Conference” was held here in Paris—the perfect venue for a post, postmodern gathering of cognitive scientists– on May 21-25.

Some 50 participants from around the world included experts in neuroscience and complex adaptive systems theory, theoretical computer science, anthropology, cybernetics, sustainability, complexity, philosophy of science, creativity, art and managing, polyphony (organization studies) and performance studies (culture & organization), perceptual psychology, cognitive psychology, environmental psychology, industrial design, …