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11/30 – Social Acupuncture: Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk and The Memnosyne Institute

Fresh Perspective / August-November 2015

When Russ Volkmann suggested that Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, the co-founder/president of The Memnosyne Institute, be interviewed for ILR, it seemed easy enough. But then, that was before catching her on Facebook revealed that she and her husband, Joshua Raymond Frenk, President of The Club of Budapest Americas and VP of Memnosyne, are often in multiple locations within a few weeks’ time. However, the reasons why simply added to the mystery as to how a young woman …

Elza S. Maalouf: Spiral Dynamics and the Middle East

Fresh Perspective / June 2013

Russ Volckmann

Russ: Elza Maalouf, it is a great honor and privilege and pleasure to have you return to the pages of the Integral Leadership Review.

Elza: It‘s always a pleasure to talk to you Russ and thank you for ILR.

Russ: You’ve published material in Integral Leadership Review about some of your activities in the Middle East with Don Beck implementing spiral dynamics or bringing spiral dynamics to Palestine. I think there’s been some reference …

Notes from the Heart of Texas

Notes from the Field / June 2013

The Austin Human Emergence Weekend

Barbara N. Brown

One recurring discussion at the New Year’s What Next Integral conference in Colorado was the emergence of spontaneous integral-like thinking.  Many feel the need to begin to draw these voices in from the wilderness by bringing integral ideas into the mainstream.

On March 9-10, Don Beck, Spiral Dynamics, and Phyllis Blees, President of Peace Through Commerce, hosted a Human Emergence Weekend in Austin, TX.  Based on the historical …

Madrid: A New Opportunity to Improve a Social Reality

Notes from the Field / January 2013

Roberto Bonilla Núñez and Catia Bernaldo de Quirós

Last October 2012, Dr. Don Beck was invited by a chapter of the Spanish Integral  Association to deliver a Spiral Dynamics Integral workshop (certification level 1). This invitation  was issued thanks to the diligent efforts of Catia Bernaldo de Quirós who several months before started exchanging emails with Dr. Beck and at the same time looking for funds to make this event a reality

It was at the …

Spiral Dynamics in Action: the Momentous Leap: The Confab 13, 9/6-9

Notes from the Field / October 2012

Russ Volckmann

It had been ten years since I attended SDi 1 and SDi 2 certifications in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Marilyn Hamilton was working with Don Beck to facilitate the sessions. If memory serves, there were about 50 people in attendance, almost all unknown to me. But these sessions were all Don. He served up his stories, accompanied by music that helped us connect to the vmemetic aspects of ourselves.

Perhaps the most valuable takeaways …

Don Beck and the New Face of Philanthropy

Notes from the Field / October 2012

Rafael Nasser

It has been years since I experienced Dr. Don Beck work his magic in a crowd. The last time I saw him in action was in NYC about four or five years ago. It was wintertime, and before the event, I recall him describing with childlike glee the excitement he felt walking past the Macy’s storefront that was ornamented with bright Christmas lights. It was an endearing moment that revealed one of the lesser-known …

The New “Little Red Book”

Book Reviews / June 2012

Russ Volckmann

Stephane Hessel and Edgar Morin.s The Path of Hope, foreword by Jeff Madrick. New York: Other Press, 2012.

It is an election year in Algeria, Egypt, France, Iran, Italy, the US, Israel, Russia, and elsewhere. Do you think that is a reason for so much interest in integral circles in politics and action? Well, for sure the politics thing. But what about action? We are being called to occupy, to learn to lead, …

From Freedom to Awareness: Towards Personal Leadership

Feature Articles / June 2012

An Essay about Yin, Yang and Thinking Styles

Arthur ten Wolde

A hopeful trend in these turbulent times is that more and more people are becoming aware of their own motives. They are identifying, on the one hand, what really matters to them like family, justice, and social success and/or the environment. On the other hand, they are also aware of their own fears and frustrations. And not only that! A growing group tries to integrate …

ILiA 2012

Notes from the Field / June 2012

Evolving Leadership for an Awakening World: Transforming Leadership through Theory, Action and Application

Mark McCaslin

I had the opportunity to travel to Santa Cruz, California to attend the Integral Leadership in Action conference. With my increasing involvement with the Integral Leadership Review I was very excited about the opportunity to learn more about this emerging age of leadership. I was also looking forward to engaging others in the field in discussions and through a rich variety …

The Master Code: Spiral Dynamics integral

Column / June 2012

The Integral Dance: How a Master Code Pollinates and Preserves the Culture of Bumblebees

Don Beck

If anyone ever reminded me of a human bumblebee at buzz in the world, it would be the author Howard Bloom in his creative nest in Brooklyn, New York. Actually, his nest is on the second floor of one of those unique, historic “building-hives” a couple of subway stops from Broadway. He used to throw down the keys to a …