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Open Source Leadership Knowledge – Enabling ‘Good Leadership for All’

Feature Articles / March 2013

Kuldip Reyatt, Stephen Goveia, Kathryn Johnson, and Arthur Jue

In this thought piece, key challenges for the global leadership field/industry are highlighted, some of which, are also raised by others – notably, Barbara Kellerman (see endnotes for ILR links). Now is the right time to put forward thoughts about Good Leadership for All, ideas about Open Source Leadership Knowledge and a realisable strategic vision – all of which, have been progressively developed over the last couple

Steven Snyder, Leadership and the Art of Struggle

Leadership Emerging / January 2013

leadership and the art of struggle coverSteven Snyder. Leadership and the Art of Struggle: How Great Leaders Grow through Challenge and Adversity. San Francisco: Barrett-Koehler Publishers, 2012.

With some reservations this book is an excellent approach to developing individuals for leader roles. First, the Foreword by Bill George is worth reading. In it you can see more of this self-reflective individual’s development that has led to an illustrious career in business, in academia and as an author. And George points right …

Integral Consulting with Michael McElhenie

Fresh Perspective / October 2012

Russ Volckmann

Russ: Welcome Michael. It’s a great pleasure to have a chance to talk with you. I first learned about your work with the formation of ILiA – the Integral Leadership in Action group – many years ago. And you were one of the very first contributors of articles to Integral Leadership Review in your report about the  United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Africa, Cambodia and the Caribbean. Weren’t you based in Philadelphia and …

Expanding the Boundaries of Our Capacities through Working toward Experiencing Transformative Learning in Service

Feature Articles / October 2012

Oliver Ngodo


Some people would recall that some time they simply become aware that they have gone through a ‘peak’ experience; they have reached an ecstatic moment – no, much more than just a moment, but a permanent state, resulting in greater clarity and understanding. That’s like when your consciousness expanded – and you knew it. You just see yourself as a fresh product! That’s me, coming out of some two years of situations and …

Thomas E. Cronin and Michael A. Genovese. Leadership Matters: Unleashing the Power of Paradox.

Leadership Emerging / October 2012

Thomas E. Cronin and Michael A. Genovese. Leadership Matters: Unleashing the Power of Paradox. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2012.

book coverThis book has got to be good; it has received thumbs up from several of the giants of leadership theory: Bennis, Burns, O’Toole, etc. Basically the message is that leaders are responsible for getting things done with the collaboration of others through the development and communication of vision, purpose and energy into an “enterprise.” The authors …

A Review of Barbara Kellerman, The End of Leadership

Book Reviews / August 2012

Kellerman, Barbara. The End of Leadership. (New York: Harper Business). 2012

Richard A. Couto

The End of Leadership“I think it’s the most important leadership book of the past decade.” With that, the editor handed off Barbara Kellerman’s latest book, The End of Leadership for me to review. I was already positively biased towards Kellerman’s work. She has been in the vanguard of leadership scholars since she began writing on the topic. She has pioneered in establishing the field …

Ginny Whitelaw, The Zen Leader

Leadership Emerging / August 2012

Ginny Whitelaw (2012). The Zen Leader: 10 Ways to go From Barely Managing to Leading Fearlessly. Pompton Plains, NJ: Career Press.

The Zen Leader coverGinny Whitelaw is a leadership expert and roshi (Zen master). She is the author of The Zen Leader and founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership. She has taught and coached in global leadership programs for nearly 20 years. Formerly deputy manager for integrating NASA’s Space Station Program, she has a PhD in biophysics as …

Jennifer Garvey Berger, Changing on the Job: Developing Leaders for a Complex World

Leadership Emerging / June 2012

Jennifer Garvey Berger. Changing on the Job: Developing Leaders for a Complex World. Stanford, CA: Stanford Business Books, 2012.

It is unusual to find an integrally informed author showing up in a university press, aside from SUNY and their integral series. Berger lives in a small seaside village in New Zealand, but her background is far more cosmopolitan than that:

Formerly an associate professor at George Mason University in Virginia in the US, Jennifer learned

Fresh Perspective: Barbara Kellerman and the Leadership Industry

Fresh Perspective / June 2012

Russ Volckmann

Russ:I would like to welcome Barbara Kellerman who is known for a couple of reasons.

One is her scholarship in the field of leadership that has connected beyond the notion of the heroic leader into the that of the relationship between leader and follower. More recently her work extends beyond that—and we will get into that. A second reason is that she is also the founding Executive Director of the Kennedy School Center …