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05/31 – Authenticity and Integrity in Evolutionary Leadership: A Mexican Woman’s View from the Field

Feature Articles / May 2018

Kathia Castro Laszlo

For the last 20 years, my work has been focused on developing individual and collective capacities for social change. Systems and complexity thinking have been the theoretical foundation for my work on evolutionary learning communities (Laszlo, 2000) and evolutionary leadership (Laszlo, 2012). In my practice, I began to notice that the ability of a group to actualize their vision was co-related to their level of self-awareness and their commitment to personal and professional …

Integral North

Column / June 2012

Leading at the Intersection

Mark McCaslin

Our future, in a global sense of the term, seems to consistently emerge from Intersections of Potential. In addition, it seems quite clear that new knowledge is very often born to the world at the Intersections of Disciplines. Taken together these two intersections would seem to have an evolving quality to their nature producing ascending or lifting vectors of potential while at the same time adding velocity to …

Integral Alignment Series, New York City: Patten, Ucik and Hübl

Notes from the Field / June 2012

Julia Fischer

Terry Patten

On the weekend of March 3rd and 4th, 2012, I attended the first in the series of workshops, Encountering the Beloved, with Terry Patten (and Deborah Boyar). When I arrived, Michael Pergola – whose Integral Alignment organization put on the workshop series – was speaking in a visionary tone. He said that only when we’re open to the emergent, receptive feminine are we ready to open to action. He spoke about …