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06/29 – Up! (Ten Years After . . .) – Building Community-Based Equity

June 2019 / Notes from the Field

Brian McConnell

This segment of Notes from the Field reflects the shared experience of a small band of reflective practitioners originating in Roanoke, Virginia and interfacing with each other as participants, along with some 300 other such teams from around the world, in the Presencing Institute’s recently launched, “Societal Transformation Lab”. Drawing from a set of theoretical frameworks sharing parallels related to “consciousness” which include Integral, Theory U, the Systems View, and Spiral

09/17 – Marriage of Sense and Soul: Embodying Integral Leadership in the City 2.0

Feature Articles / August-November 2013

Brian McConnell

Abstract: Identified as a facet of psychosocial experience in something Ken Wilber has termed dissociation, this article looks at similarly related phenomenology as recounted by various others in apportioning its pathological effects across a broad swath of global consciousness.  Advocating contemplative practice as a mode for translating theory to application, the article also shows how urban practitioners are initiating communities (CoP) to localize socioeconomic innovation.


Calling for an adoption of contemplative practice, …

Feature Article: Toward a Sustainable Future: Integral Leadership in the New World Economy

Feature Articles / June 2011

Brian McConnell

The Integral Research Center Roanoke, VA






Abstract: Presenting a background of historical context, “Toward a Sustainable Future” offers an overview in the ascendancy of neoliberal/neoconservative viewpoints constituting the world’s dominant socioeconomic ideology today. An AQAL framework is then introduced and subsequently examined as an aid to envisioning and ultimately adopting Integral approaches capable of better supporting value(s) of human relatedness. In so doing, the article’s content aspires to empower …