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06/29 – Integral ecology, Wilber, Heidegger, and Nietzsche: Michael E. Zimmerman meets Eugene Pustoshkin in St. Petersburg

June 2019 / Fresh Perspective

Michael ZimmermanThis interview was taken by Eugene Pustoshkin, Integral Leadership Review’s Bureau Chief / Associate Editor for Russia, on May 13, 2019, in St. Petersburg, Russia,

Eugene:   Hello Michael, welcome to Saint Petersburg.

Michael:   Thank you very much. I’ve looked forward to coming to this great city for many, many years and I’m very happy to be here.

Eugene:   Before we start, can you please share why you wanted to come to the city?

Michael:   Well, …

11/30 – Paths of Waking Up and Growing Up as Vectors of Growth to Greater Wisdom and Joy

November 2018 / Feature Articles

There are two foundational vectors of consciousness and self-development: vertical and horizontal.

Vertical Development is studied by developmental psychology. The psychology of child development studies stages of consciousness and selfhood formation in children. The study of Adult Development investigates the trajectory of an adult personality through the stages of increasing maturity of meaning-making and self-sense. Scholars and researchers discern about a dozen of major stages or fulcrums of development through which a person might go over …

11/30 – Development: Emerging Worldviews and Systems Change Volume 1 and 2

November 2018 / Book Reviews

Innovative Development: Emerging Worldviews and Systems Change (Integral Publishers, 2015) is a useful volume (edited by late Tom Christensen—you did a very good job here, Tom, and I wish you a blissful journey in the afterlife, whatever and however it is in actuality) that contains papers on Spiral Dynamics (SD) and the Gravesian theory as applied to the societal dimension. The book is not an introduction into the general topic of SD but can be a …

05/31 – Colin Wilson: Collected Essays on Philosophers

Book Reviews / May 2018

Eugene Pustoshkin

In Colin Wilson: Collected Essays on Philosophers, edited by Colin Stanley, with an introduction by John Shand, meaning perception, existential intensity, and overcoming our alienation from power consciousness, Colin Wilson’s optimistic existentialism, an integrally-informed view is explored.

Man is alienated from the consciousness of his own power, and this alienation makes him sick, which perpetuates his will to sickness; and exercising intentionality is a way to overcome the doomed state that Man finds himself …

11/30 – Transformations on the Path to Really Teal & Turquoise Organizations

Feature Articles / August-November 2016

Eugene Pustoshkin

The idea of “teal organizations” described in Frederick Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations is gaining popularity today both globally and in Russia.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders in various companies—from IT to banks—are seeking new forms of self-organizing. They’re tired of the limitations that are inherent in classical hierarchical subdivisions, their low efficiency and effectiveness and incapacity to flexibly adapt to the VUCA world (that is, our world now characterized by volatility, uncertainty, change, …

3/7 – Multidimensional communication in Holoscendence: How it augments Integral psychotherapy, leadership, and ordinary life

Feature Articles / January-February 2016

Eugene Pustoshkin

In this article I want to tell about the concept of multidimensional communication pioneered in Holoscendence, an integral meta-method of human development, first introduced and developed by Sergey Kupriyanov, PhD in Medicine, a Russian-born Integral therapist from Helsinki, Finland (Kupriyanov 2013).

Dr. Kupriyanov—during the many years of his work in USSR as a practicing psychotherapist and researcher of family therapy and psychosomatic medicine (e.g., Kupriyanov 1983)—became interested in the evolution and further unfolding of …

3/7 – Dawn of Integral Hip-Hop: Interview with Ilya “MC 1.8” Kuznetsov

Fresh Perspective / January-February 2016

Special Russia Issue Guest Editor’s Note:

Ilya Kuznetsov, aka MC 1.8, is a dear friend of mine. He comes from a simple background, and witnessed a lot of violence in his youth—which commonly happened in the post-Soviet era and which often serves as a crucial existential background for a rapper (such as him). To me, he is a warrior of spirit, a person who shows in his own life path that the calling of the Soul,

3/7 – Creating a Better World in an Integral Way: Interview with Alexander Malakhov, a Scholar-Practitioner from the Russian Pacific Region

Fresh Perspective / January-February 2016



This interview was translated from Russian by Eugene Pustoshkin.

Hello, Alexander! Could you please tell us about yourself: what do you do and what are you interested in?

— Hi, Eugene! For the past several years I prefer to call myself an integral scholar-practitioner and attempt to combine fundamental cross-cultural and postdisciplinary research with my engagement in practical and transformative activities. Right now I’m in preparation for receiving a PhD in Sociology from …

1/18 – Russian Enigma: Guest Editor’s Reflections

Leading Comments / January-February 2016

Eugene Pustoshkin

Russia cannot be understood with the mind alone . . .
Fyodor Tyutchev (1803–1873), a poet

Russia is enigmatic mystery. It is full of paradoxes, contrasts, and opposites, a kind of simultaneous divergence of the opposites and coincidentia oppositorum, the country of both dissociation-fragmentation and the thirst for wholeness, healing, and transcendence.

Here, very rich coincide with very poor, scarcity of spirit coincides with spiritual abundance, damnation of souls with revival of …

1/15 – Integral City Development in the Russian City of Izhevsk

Notes from the Field / January-February 2015

Integral Workshop on December 18-21 at the Center for Development of Entrepreneurs (Sberbank) in Izhevsk.

Eugene Pustoshkin

I was invited to come to Izhevsk on December 18-21, 2014. There is a group of people who work on Integral development of this city and promoting ideas of holistic vision as applied to urbanism. The group is spearheaded by Lev Gordon, the President of Gordon Foundation and a Harvard Business School alumnus with extensive experience of living in …