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8/31 – The Simpol Solution

Book Reviews / August-November 2017

Jon Freeman

John Bunzl and Nick Duffell (2017). The Simpol Solution. Peter Owen Limited

This is a good book, engaging, well written and with many interesting ideas which deserve consideration.  It has the major virtue of being original and distinctive; there are no well-trodden paths here.

It starts from a familiar place, i.e. we know things are going wrong, are almost certain to get worse and that we need to do something about that.  It …

4/28 – The Science of Possibility: What’s the question?

Feature Articles / April-June 2016

Jon Freeman

Our core human questions have not changed in centuries.   “Who am I, where did “all this” come from, where is it going, how does it work.….?”  Our answers have evolved, increasing in sophistication as our frameworks have grown and as we have added to the information available.  That journey of widening perspective is expressed within the developmental stages, from nature spirits to power gods, to monotheistic creation stories and spirit-free scientific randomness duelling with …

11/30 – “Reinventing Organisations” and the Teal impulse

Feature Articles / August-November 2015

Jon Freeman

So what’s this “Teal” organisations thing?

There has been some major buzz generating about “Teal” organisations.  It started with Frederic Laloux’s book “Reinventing Organizations”.  There are some good videos on YouTube of Frederic talking about it and if you haven’t read it, you can easily get an overview.  The buzz has been amplified by other conversations.  One of the example organisations, the Dutch healthcare company Buurtzorg, has particularly inspired people in Europe. Founder / …

SDi Confab: Are you an app?

Notes from the Field / October 2012

Reflections on the 2012 SDi Confab – Dallas, Texas

Jon Freeman

I don’t want to offend anybody – really I don’t – but from the depths of my being I have to say this.   There’s a lot of unconsciousness about conscious evolution.  Conscious Evolution is not the same as personal development, enlightenment or raising personal consciousness.   It’s a step beyond.

Evolution happens at the level of a species.  So Conscious Evolution is only partly about me …