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8/31 – Keith Bellamy

August-November 2017 / Letters to Russ

I was talking with Matthew Kalman (founder of London Integral Circle) and the conversation took a strange turn:

Matthew: “Russ Volckmann getting a group of people together to discuss Integral Leadership … and I think you would make a good participant”

Keith: “Russ who?”

Matthew: “The publisher of Integral Leadership Review.”

Keith: “Publisher of what?”

And therein ended my first introduction to Russ. As an integral newbie, interested in the application of AQAL in the business …

8/19 – In Memorium: Tom Thresher

Issues / August-November 2015 / In Memorium

Tom Thresher

Tom Thresher

May 6th 1949 – July 9th 2015

I first made contact with Tom Thresher in 2009.  Russ Volckmann, the Publisher of Integral Publishers, passed me his email address and phone number along with a message along the lines, “… I think you two should chat.”  I waited a few days before dropping him an email.  In the back of my mind was this conversation saying, “What’s a nice Jewish Boy like you …

The God Problem by Howard Bloom

October 2012 / Book Reviews

Howard Bloom. The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates. Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books, 2012.

Keith Bellamy

Call me old or cantankerous or both if you really must, but there are very few books that I get excited about these days. Gone are the days when I scoured the internet looking for new books that I have to have on the day that they are published and read and devour their content in …

June 2010 / Integral for the Masses

Integral For The Masses
Moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm
An Integral Leader’s Story

Keith Bellamy

bellamythresherThe wires of the Internet have been running extremely hot the past few days as Integralistas from all corners of the globe have been discussing, with extreme passion, the difference between theory and meta-theory and the rights of philosophers to change their mind and effectively disavow their earlier work. From the great centers of Integral Inquiry, we are …

Integral For the Masses

March 2010 / Integral for the Masses

The Secret to Transform the Next 500 Years
by Keith Bellamy

Keith Bellamy

Imagine, if you can, that you are a fly on the wall of a meeting that was taking place in the city of Aachen in 1439. In this equivalent of the mid 20th Century “smoke filled room” (remember Sir Walter Raleigh hasn’t brought tobacco back from the New World to England or Europe yet) temperatures are rising. The planned exhibition of relics from …

Book Reiview

January 2010 / Book Reviews

Howard Bloom’s
The Genius of the Beast:
A Radical Revision of Capitalism
New York: Prometheus Books, 2009
by Keith Bellamy

Keith Bellamy

Recently, the thought of reading yet another Integral Theory book, or even an integrally informed book, has filled me with a sense of dread. Sadly, many of the books being published in this genre are, paradoxically, attempts by the author to demonstrate not only how well they understand integral theory, but how their understanding …

Integral For the Masses

January 2010 / Integral for the Masses

Subway Ride to the Bronx
by Keith Bellamy

Keith Bellamy

I recently undertook one of those seminal transformative acts that not only changes one’s life, but continues to reverberate through one’s whole being even after the actual event is a distant memory. No this wasn’t a silent retreat, nor an ecstatic dance weekend, nor an exquisite deep tissue massage, nor participation in a sweat lodge—I’ve done all of those, and rewarding they were, too. The act …

Integral for the Masses: A fresh Perspective on Technology and Its Role in Furthering Integral Leadership

August 2009 / Integral for the Masses

keith bellamyFirst an apology to anybody who was expecting to see the second part of my article on the work that we did on the State of the Integral Spirituality Movement at the Integral New York City Salon (iNYCS) earlier this year. It was always my intention to present the conclusions that we arrived at in this issue of ILR. However, as the great Liverpudlian sage, John Lennon would have said, “Life is what happens while you

Book Review: Salmon of Knowledge

August 2009 / Book Reviews

Nick Owen’s Salmon of Knowledge

salmon of knowledgekeith bellamyAll it takes are six little words to catch and hold an individual’s attention. “Let me tell you a story.”

No matter our age, from infant to nonagenarian, the thought of hearing or telling a story acts at the deepest level of our neural structures and prepares us for a shift in consciousness – sometimes slight, sometimes profound. Telling and listening to stories are acts that define and distinguish us from …

Integral for the Masses: State of the Integral Spirituality Movement—Part 1

June 2009 / Integral for the Masses

keith bellamyWe have been very busy little beavers here in the New York City Integral Community of late. On the surface, it might appear as if we have been continuing in our normal manner, holding meetings and discussing our future plans and generally seeking to further the cause in the Metropolis. Any casual observer probably wouldn’t have given us a second glance over the past few months. Yet the truth is, more by accident than design, we