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Notes from the Field: Treating Terrorism through De-Radicalization, Integral Financial Woes, and a Field of Notes from France

Notes from the Field / October 2011


Brian Van der Horst

Europa, that cash cow of the occident, is bleating conundrums of continuity, at the time of this writing. Will the European Union survive the financial melt-downs of Greece, Portugal, Italy, and a smattering of middle-eastern nation-states? While Britain smirks with pounds of currency, the Greeks are even thinking of optioning out of the Euro and returning to the Drachma.

In France, the Integral University has even been running programs on Finance, Societe et politique integrals …

Transdisciplinarity in Action: An Ethnographic Study of MIT SENSEable City Lab’s Organizational Culture

Feature Articles / October 2011

Luca Simeone and Carlo Ratti

SENSEable City Lab (SCL) is a research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) aimed at investigating and anticipating the ways digital technologies are changing the way people live and their implications at the urban scale (1). The SCL is nested within the City Design and Development group at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning and has had an ongoing collaboration with the MIT Media Lab. Over the past 7 years roughly 350

Where are the Women? Saging the Invisible into the Visible

Feature Articles / October 2011

Marilyn Hamilton


This article explores and seeks to answer the question Where are the Women in the Integral movement? The author utilizes the principles of “Five Deep” exploration from Beck and Spiral Dynamics along with Wilber’s AQAL model to explore circumstances that, she proposes, may have produced a mismatch in stage development between women and men. With reference to Baron-Cohen’s notion of “Essential Difference” the author will also offer an evolutionary explanation as to where the integral women are

Book Review: Learning to Inspire

Book Reviews / October 2011


John Marshall Roberts. Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries. Transformational Design, 2008.

One of the challenges people steeped in theory and ideas have is learning to successfully communicate with those who hold different theories or ideas. Another is to communicate with those who don’t give a fig for either theories or ideas  different from their own. Certainly one of the promises of exploring psychological theories and models, and particularly adult developmental psychology, is that it will lead …

Book Review: True North Together

Book Reviews / October 2011


Bill George and Doug Baker. True North Groups: A Powerful Path to Personal and Leadership Development. San Francisco: Barrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.. 2011.

During the last year I have been in a process of interviewing CEOs and entrepreneurs, We have talked a lot about their development as individuals that prepared them to be effective in leader roles in their businesses and elsewhere. Experience, education, training and practices have all played an important role. And I thought I had re-discovered another …

Emerging Concepts and Forms of Integral Leadership: Embodying a Radically New Development Paradigm

Feature Articles / October 2011

Alain Gauthier

My intention in this article is to explore emerging concepts and forms of integral leadership, pursuing how they can be scaled up to bring humanity – across the planet – onto an evolutionary and sustainable course. After offering some fresh distinctions about leadership, the article calls for a shift to a radically innovative development model and points to key qualities and practices of evolutionary leadership. I then share some views on the multiplying effects of an integral approach …

Mindfulness and Leadership: Opening up to Possibilities

Feature Articles / October 2011

Don Dunoon and Ellen Langer

A challenge for those of us who want to exercise leadership is to step beyond the obvious, to discern more broadly and keenly the factors bearing on an issue, to be more receptive to divergent perspectives and novel information, and to be more mindful. To be mindful is not simply to be a thoughtful, open-minded individual. Most of us think we are generally observant, open, and receptive to new information and ideas; but how true …

Notes from the Field: Sydney Spirituality

Notes from the Field / October 2011


Integral Spirituality in Sydney, July 2011

Trish Nowland

Beginning in early 2011, through discussion and conversation, the Sydney Integral community built momentum and impetus so that the yearning amongst us, to render the heart of Integral Spirituality open and luminous, brought us to a place of shared vision, of seeking to birth something new, in our communal events.

Over the course of the last six months, we have nurtured three events to life which between them constitute three different …

Spiral Dynamics Integral in Action in a Roma Community in Romania

Feature Articles / October 2011

Alexandre (Rico) de Faria


This article is about the sustainable and healthy human development along the path of human evolution—the Spiral. It is based on a broader study of the impact of a Roma school on the Roma (gypsy) community (RC) in the town of XY, Romania[1]. Using Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDI), Romanian and international policies and program supporting Roma communities were reviewed in order to assess their alignment (relevance) to the Roma community of XY—given its value systems,

More Fresh Perspective: Ken Wilber and Raquel Torrent in Denver

Fresh Perspective / October 2011

Ken Wilber, American philosopher, has been a prolific writer and contributor of Integral Theory in relation to self development and application across all domains of human activity.

Raquel Torrent, founder and former President of the Spanish Integral Association (2005) and founder of the Spanish Integral Conferences (continuing from 2003), visited Ken Wilber at his home in Denver, Colorado, USA. One purpose of this fourth visit to Mr. Wilber was to conduct this interview. Ms. Torrent, in conjunction with the Spanish