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06/29 – An Attempt at a Trans-Contextual Learning Model: Extracting a Meta-Model Across Time, Space, and Discipline

June 2019 / Feature Articles

Ian Roth

It is self-evident that the most useful education is one that facilitates learning-how-to-learn.  While the reasons for past failures to provide such an education are undoubtedly multivariate, among them must certainly be counted the apparent difficulty of delivering such an education.  The more bureaucratized and institutionalized the educational context becomes, the more this guiding principle must appear overly idealistic.  Yet, considering the fundamental conundrum of education—that it is intended to prepare learners for a …

11/30 – Towards a Language of Well-Being: A Generative Inquiry

November 2018 / Feature Articles

It is commonly recognised that language is a reflection of culture and the reality portrayed by that culture. The reverse of this relationship, despite being less often considered, is no less impactful. The ways language is used serve to create patterns of thought, beliefs, behaviours, cultures, and, ultimately, realities. Wittgenstein claimed that the limits of our language are the limits of our world (68). Though the veracity of this claim continues to be debated, it provides …