January-February 2015
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2/15 – Cover
Jeannie Carlisle Volckmann
©2014 Aboriginal Nations Education, Greater Victoria School Board, BC, Canada Artist Jamin Zurowski 4 Quadrant Guides: Bear/UL. Wolf /LL. Raven/UR. Salmon/LR. This Totem is a Gift used with permission on this Canada Issue. Please do not reproduce without © Permission.
1/15 – Cover
Jeannie Carlisle Volckmann
©2014 Aboriginal Nations Education, Greater Victoria School Board, BC, Canada Artist Jamin Zurowski 4 Quadrant Guides: Bear/UL. Wolf /LL. Raven/UR. Salmon/LR. This Totem is a Gift used with permission on this Canada Issue. Please do not reproduce without © Permission.
Lead Poem
1/15 – Lead Poem
Tim Merry
 Tim Merry No more prizes for predicting the rain The pain New starts Time to build the arks Gather now at our community centres With friends and mentors And Elders We all be the welders Of fragmentation On the edges of the new creation The builders of the New Space Station Right here in the […]
Author Locations
Canadian Map with Author Locations
  About the Authors Beth Sanders MCIP RPP enjoys the wilderness of civilization as a writer and professional city planner. She is president of POPULUS Community Planning Inc., where she works across Canada with government, business, community organizations and citizens striving for cities that serve citizens well. She works with cities at every scale – […]
Leading Comments
2/15 – From Totem Guides and Lock Masters to World Legacy Light
Marilyn Hamilton
Marilyn Hamilton With this second wave of the Integral Leadership Review – Canada (ILR – C) issue, I imagine, the Rideau Canal lock system symbolizing the environment where our authors interact with the leaders and leadership insights that they have contributed to this special Canada issue. In the heart of Ottawa, Canada’s national capital, the […]
1/15 – A Totem for Curating a Story of Leadership in Canada
Marilyn Hamilton
Marilyn Hamilton A Brief View of Curating Reticence. Modesty. Loyalty. Generosity. These qualities often mark the Canadian character and our propensity to downplay the adventure, excitement, daring, risk and courage that influence how we tell our stories of accomplishment and achievement. But those are not the words that sprung to mind when Russ Volckmann invited […]
Leadership Quote
2/15 – Adrienne Clarkson, 26th Governor General of Canada (1999-2005)
This ability to understand that society is not just a multiplication of you but includes many who are not like you is vital to a healthy society. This is what we are given a chance to do in Canada, because we see so many people who are not like ourselves, who do not come from […]
1/15 – Marshall McLuhan
Canada has no goals or direction, yet shares so much of the American character and experience that the role of dialogue and liaison has become entirely natural to Canadians wherever they are …. In the age of the electronic information environment the big nations of the First World are losing both their identities and goals […]
Leadership Coaching Tips
2/15 – It’s not just what you do, but also how you think!
Natasha Mantler
Natasha Mantler “Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.” Leonard Cohen This beautiful quote, from the infamous Leonard Cohen, Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist, reminds us of the simpler nature of change. And yet, as leadership coaches and human beings, we have also experienced, known, and […]
1/15 – Leading Generative Change
Tam Lundy
Tam Lundy “Our best hope for the future is to develop a new paradigm of human capacity to meet a new era of human existence”. Sir Ken Robinson Generative change: An introduction These days there’s lots of talk about adaptive change and adaptive leadership. Framing adaptive leadership as a more adequate response to complex challenges, […]
Fresh Perspective
2/15 – Dialogic Development: a Conversation with Gervase Bushe
Russ Volckmann
Russ Volckmann Russ:  Gervase Bushe, it’s a great pleasure to meet you finally after many, many years of hearing about your work. We have some colleagues in common given my 22+ years in OD. When I first heard about your work, you were at Simon Fraser University. Tell us a little bit about your background […]
1/15 – Integral Coaching Canada with Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt
Marilyn Hamilton
  Marilyn:  Well, I want to just start our interview with an expression of gratitude. We’re in Canada and this happens to be the week before Thanksgiving. So I thought it would be really speaking from my heart to say thank you very much for taking the courage to open, what I’m calling a “portal” […]
1/15 – Integral Design Leadership: Healthcare Design as Extraordinary Service: An Interview with Peter Jones
Lisa Norton
 Lisa Norton     Peter Jones is Associate Professor at Toronto’s OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design), an author and consultant in the emerging field of systemic design, and runs the innovation research firm Redesign Network. Peter spends his time balancing between teaching in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation graduate program in OCADU’s […]
Leading Self
1/15 – Inching Towards Leaderless Leading
Edith Friesen
Edith Friesen and Edith Friesen EF:  Before we start, there’s something you need to know. IN:  Okay… EF:  I’m not sure why they asked me to do this interview. Mostly, I just write and guide writers. And I do a little communications work. I don’t usually think of myself as a leader. IN:  Am I […]
1/15 – Re-membering My Inherent Wilderness
Beth Sanders
Beth Sanders At the threshold I feel queasy and sick throughout my whole being. It is soon my turn to step into the choice I have already made. It isn’t too late to turn back. My knees rock forward and back while a voice in my head utters, “I am not ready, I am not […]
Leading Others
2/15 – Illuminating New Territory at the Bottom of the U
Olen Gunnlaugson
Olen Gunnlaugson [i] Engaging conversation directly from essence and source activates essential conditions for leaders to embody a creative perception and transformed way of being.  This article[ii] is written to inspire new possibilities for how existing approaches to collective presencing and conversational leadership are experienced by introducing a process-method of conversation that is activated through source directed […]
1/15 – Is True Integral Leadership Possible?
Linda Shore
Linda Shore  I am thrilled about the potential that exists in a world that finds us moving from green to integral yellow on the Spiral Dynamic map of human growth, where all four burners of the AQAL map of human possibility are fully ignited. Hail to the 4 voices! And while I am integrally jazzed, […]
Leading Organizations
1/15 – Giving birth to Authentic Leadership in Action
Michael Chender
Michael Chender Authentic Leadership in Action — ALIA — had its first program in 2001 as the Shambhala Institute, subsequently named the Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership. It has operated continually since then, and in November 2014 merged with the Authentic Leadership program at Naropa University to create Naropa’s Authentic Leadership Center. What follows are […]
1/15 – Building Water Leaders and Waterpreneurs
Julia Fortier and Karen Kun
Julia Fortier and Karen Kun Abstract:  As a youth focused water facilitation organization, Waterlution is constantly exploring new ways to build dynamic young water leaders. For the last twelve years, Waterlution has engaged over four thousand youth and five hundred expert resource guests in its community-based programming. By engaging local young leaders (change-agents) Waterlution supports […]
Leading Cultures
1/15 – A Circle of Aiijaakag, a Circle of Maangag: Integral Theory and Indigenous Leadership
Janice Simcoe
Janice Simcoe “There are many roads to the High Place”[i] A Story The story, as I received it, is about different kinds of leadership and how each has its place and space.   First I will provide some context.  The Anishinaabe, also called the Ojibwe, people have a clan system that, among other things, helps to […]
Leading World
2/15 – How ARE We To Go On Together? Our Evolutionary Crossroads
Brian and Mary Nattrass
Brian and Mary Nattrass In the following article Brian and Mary Nattrass (1999, 2002) (who have been organizational change strategists teaching and consulting using The Natural Step framework for sustainability for over 20 years) walk Leaders through a path that shows how to negotiate the resistant Old Story into the life-giving New Story of sustainability in […]
1/15 – Integral Transformation of Value Chains: One Sky’s Integral Leadership Program in the Brazil Nut Value Chain in Peru and Bolivia
Gail Hochachka
Gail Hochachka Abstract: One Sky carried out an Integral Leadership Program with the Brazil nut value chain in Bolivia and Peru, in partnership with Costco the fourth largest retailer in the US, as well as Candor, one of his main buyers, along with the Canadian nonprofit organization Integral Without Borders Institute. As an overall goal, the […]
Continuous Learning
2/15 – From Practice to Praxis – as Transformative Education: Leading at the Integral/Professional Interface?
Ian Wight
Ian Wight Engaging the Integral/Professional Interface I am feeling a yearning for the company of like-minded and like-hearted folks: integral aficionados explicitly valuing their professional identity; evolving professionals explicitly cultivating integral sensibilities. I therefore make this particular offering very much in the spirit of my own integrally-informed sense of Leadership – as Service – for […]
2/15 – Will the Next Buddha be a Sangha? Responding to the Call to Influence the Future of Collaboration
Rebecca Ejo Colwell
Rebecca Ejo Colwell For several years my koan has been:  How do we close the gap between the human condition and our human potential? I first started to grapple with questions around how to catalyze and support collaboration for change while working in community development early in my career in the 1980s, in two Canadian […]
1/15 – Integral Dispositions and Transdisciplinary Knowledge Creation
Sue L. T. McGregor
Sue L. T. McGregor The world is facing a polycrisis of complex problems – a cacophony of irreversible climate change and ecological imbalance, global pandemics, escalating terrorism, conflict and aggression, unsustainable consumerism, debilitating poverty, reoccurring political and economic crises, worrying population growth and migration, uneven wealth and income distribution, uneven and unsustainable growth and development, […]
1/15 – The Long and Winding Road: Leadership and Learning Principles That Transform
Brigitte Harris and Niels Agger-Gupta
 Our Journey as a School of Leadership Studies Brigitte Harris and Niels Agger-Gupta The MA Leadership program was the first offering of the newly created Royal Roads University (RRU) in 1996. The program was designed for mid-career professionals with at least five to ten years of leadership experience. Designed on pioneering, paradigm-changing but rigorously referenced […]
Notes from the Field
1/15 – Integral City Development in the Russian City of Izhevsk
Eugene Pustoshkin
Integral Workshop on December 18-21 at the Center for Development of Entrepreneurs (Sberbank) in Izhevsk. Eugene Pustoshkin I was invited to come to Izhevsk on December 18-21, 2014. There is a group of people who work on Integral development of this city and promoting ideas of holistic vision as applied to urbanism. The group is […]
Book Reviews
1/15 – The Pulse of Possibility – A Retrospective Review of the Work of Bruce Sanguin
Trevor Malkinson
Trevor Malkinson This new cosmological model called the human being comes equipped with the creative power of a supernova, the radiance of a golden spruce, the resiliency of our bacterial cousins, the determination of a spawning Coho salmon, and the heart-wisdom of Sophia. And in the “fullness of time”, Jesus emerges, a perfect reflection of […]
2/15 – (Re)Joining the Conversation: Commenting on Integral Voices on Sex, Gender, and Sexuality: Critical Inquiries
Diana Claire Douglas
Diana Claire Douglas Sarah Nicholson and Vanessa Fisher were inspired to start a conversation within the Integral Community about sex, gender and sexuality. Their edited book Integral Voices is the result, and for many of their authors, just the beginning of that conversation. Invited to review Integral Voices, I was aware that I was dropping […]
Poetry Gallery
2/15 – 1. The Mother
Tim Merry
Tim Merry Yes to the reminder that we are just part of the universe One verse In a song So long It does not belong To Anyone Or any part Though it rests in every heart In its wholeness The caress Of the winds and rains of Pele Left me Deeply touched, moved New grooves […]
2/15 – 4. Switch it on
Tim Merry
Tim Merry Stepping up to voice My choice To let it go The flow Is beyond control So when you fall Roll Then rise Open your eyes See the fresh horizon Great eastern sun risin’ Resplendent Transcendent Heaven sent An extension To the new dimension The fourth perspective Reflective Of the so far unseen Subtle […]
2/15 – 3. Superman
Tim Merry
Tim Merry This is about the cravin’ for savin’ Wanting to control the rampant misbehavin’ Breaking the shackles of all the enslavin’ Break it down Gather round Cause we messin’ up the earth Tearing up the turf The place is our birth Right Someone turn on the light Cause we all fightin’ In the dark […]
2/15 – 2. Human Family Tree
Tim Merry
Tim Merry I’m tired Of hearing how beings are wired For self – destruction The media barrage Creating a collage Of war Environmental collapse by human cause War on terror The evening news documenting constant human error Reporting the social fabric unwinding Blinding Us to our innate State Of being fine I believe every human […]
1/15 – 2. What’s It Gonna Take to Stay Awake?
Tim Merry
Tim Merry “we wakin’” up all the time I’m wakin’ up as I sit here and rhyme, when i get lost in the flow of a river feel a cold shiver notice the clouds gather on a stormy day feel sadness as one I love passes away see a huge vista from a mountain top […]
1/15 – 4. Build the Arks (King Kong Song)
Tim Merry
Tim Merry I just read about the coming of the ice age Earth’s rage The mighty mother, the sage,  Turning another page Of evolution A natural solution The vibration Of creation Melting ice caps into the gulf stream flows The European heating system blows Beyond repair My mother, father, sister, brother live there Stop, bear […]
1/15 – 3. Thank You
Tim Merry
Tim Merry I feel that our divisions point to our unity The pieces that we uniquely Most search for in our lives Are our path Each of us seeking that which will heal us Bring us back into wholeness And that is different for everyone Under the moon and the sun That is why it […]
1/15 – 1. Forgotten Places
Tim Merry
Tim Merry Finding my feet And already meeting The slowness of this soil This land Which so much has passed over A Blessing No messin’ A Blessing To have been bypassed By the viral Rampage Swallowing up my homelands My Childhood lands Which are wallowing in quicksands Wild-life dissappearing Wilderness becoming parks Peoples wild side […]
Association for Leadership Educators
Call for Papers The Association of Leadership Educators (ALE) invites you to join us at our 25th annual professional conference in Washington, D.C. July 12-15, 2015. This year’s conference theme, “The Courage to Lead” celebrates the courage that our founding members had to create this organization, as well as the courage that those who teach, […]