January-February 2016
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Alternate Russian Cover Art
Anna Urazova
Anna Urazova alternate russian cover art by Anna Urazova alternate russian cover art by Anna Urazova    
January–February 2016 Cover
Jeannie Carlisle Volckmann
Leading Comments
1/18 – Russian Enigma: Guest Editor’s Reflections
Eugene Pustoshkin
Eugene Pustoshkin Russia cannot be understood with the mind alone . . . — Fyodor Tyutchev (1803–1873), a poet Russia is enigmatic mystery. It is full of paradoxes, contrasts, and opposites, a kind of simultaneous divergence of the opposites and coincidentia oppositorum, the country of both dissociation-fragmentation and the thirst for wholeness, healing, and transcendence. […]
Leadership Quote
3/7 – Leadership Quotes from Alexander Chizhevsky and Alexander Malakhov
We are accustomed to holding a gross and narrow anti-philosophical view on life as a result of random play of only Earth-bound forces. This is, most certainly, wrong. Life as we see now is, to a far greater extent, a cosmic phenomenon, rather than only Earth-based. It was created by the influence of creative dynamics […]
1/18 – Leadership Quotes including Lev Gordon, Vasily Nalimov, Vladimir Solovyov, Ken Wilber and Allan Combs
Lev Gordon “Giving words to one’s own stance, explicitly outlining and defining one’s position always, by default principles of our human universe, brings forth antagonistic counterreaction. Hidden, implicitly performed action, even if it is large-scale, attracts less attention: It softly enters the world and perpetuates itself as water soaking into fields, while ice stays on […]
Leadership Coaching Tips
1/18 – A Few Tips for Changing the World (Connect to a Greater Purpose, Facilitate Breakthroughs, Inspire Others to Think Big)
Lev Gordon
Lev Gordon I will say nothing new here, yet it is useful to sometimes repeat something that works, is it not? On occasions in business or non-for-profit activities we aim to achieve goals that are new and beyond ordinary. If you grow and evolve, you innovate, right? And if you innovate, you always look for new […]
Fresh Perspective
3/7 – Dawn of Integral Hip-Hop: Interview with Ilya “MC 1.8” Kuznetsov
Eugene Pustoshkin
Special Russia Issue Guest Editor’s Note: Ilya Kuznetsov, aka MC 1.8, is a dear friend of mine. He comes from a simple background, and witnessed a lot of violence in his youth—which commonly happened in the post-Soviet era and which often serves as a crucial existential background for a rapper (such as him). To me, he […]
3/7 – Creating a Better World in an Integral Way: Interview with Alexander Malakhov, a Scholar-Practitioner from the Russian Pacific Region
Eugene Pustoshkin
    This interview was translated from Russian by Eugene Pustoshkin. — Hello, Alexander! Could you please tell us about yourself: what do you do and what are you interested in? — Hi, Eugene! For the past several years I prefer to call myself an integral scholar-practitioner and attempt to combine fundamental cross-cultural and postdisciplinary research […]
1/18 – Marilyn Hamilton Interviews Lev Gordon
Marilyn Hamilton
Marilyn Hamilton  Marilyn Hamilton: First off … thanks for taking the courage to open a portal in Russia for integrally informed Leadership, where not many people in the west can see the kind of leadership in Russia that is emerging through you and the team that you are gathering around you. … How do you […]
Feature Articles
3/7 – Multidimensional communication in Holoscendence: How it augments Integral psychotherapy, leadership, and ordinary life
Eugene Pustoshkin
Eugene Pustoshkin In this article I want to tell about the concept of multidimensional communication pioneered in Holoscendence, an integral meta-method of human development, first introduced and developed by Sergey Kupriyanov, PhD in Medicine, a Russian-born Integral therapist from Helsinki, Finland (Kupriyanov 2013). Dr. Kupriyanov—during the many years of his work in USSR as a […]
3/7 – Steps towards an Integral Tomorrow
Alexander Malakhov with Eugene Pustoshkin
Alexander Malakhov, with Eugene Pustoshkin In the past hundred years numerous thinkers around the world—from the United States to the Soviet Union and India—came to believe that if the human civilization wants to survive and reach new horizons, societies and people that constitute those societies must overcome fragmentariness and prevailing prejudices and learn to see […]
3/7 – An Integral Approach to the Thought Space or Noosphere – Evolving of Human Consciousness and its Energy
Sanja Veršić
Sanja Veršić Russian Cosmic Ideas and Energy Reading. From materials presented at the IEC, May 2014 ABSTRACT In this paper the attention is drawn to the energetic dimension of the human space of thought scientifically known as noosphere. The term is elaborated by the Russian natural scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, one of the prominent thinkers of […]
3/7 – Community 2.0: The Crystal Mind Conference and Mindfulness Movement in Russia
The Crystal Mind conference's organizers
The Crystal Mind conference’s organizers Special Russia Issue Guest Editor’s Note: To me the Crystal Mind Conference is one of the brightest and most interesting consciousness-related events in Russia. For my country, it is one of the first attempts to collectively pioneer mindfulness in a systematic and professional manner, with skillful media coverage, and a […]
3/7 – The role of leadership in city revival.  Challenges and hidden growth potential
Maxim Arzumanyan
Maxim Arzumanyan Leadership is stepping forth on the management arena Major demand for leadership as a managing approach was generated during transition stage from planned to market economy and later on to innovative economy in some segments. In the first case the task was to redistribute resources and administration, in the second to focus on […]
3/7 – What is the Dzogchen of vertical leadership development? Does it exist?
Anastasia Gosteva
Anastasia Gosteva Four years ago I was sitting in the meditation hall in my master’s ashram when suddenly the whole world became alive. The chair I was sitting on, the carpet, the column, the air—every inch of matter and space was alive and pulsating with love, it was love itself. Technically I saw that my […]
Anatoly Balyaev
Anatoly Balyaev My inner child has been asking to speak about one of his favorite themes for a long time. This time I won’t stop him from doing it. Many years ago, there were lots of amazing sci-fi stories in my young life, and I’ve grown up absorbing their significant vision of future with all […]
3/7 – On Specific Questions Regarding Integral Geography
Milana Ragulina
Milana Ragulina Translated from Russian by Eugene Pustoshkin In this essay I want to discuss several specific questions that are important for me as a scholar-researcher who wants to continue applying the integral methodology in my own work. The first question is related to the specificity of Siberia—a region which is non-homologous and full of […]
3/7 – Integral Education (in Siberia)
Diana Belotserkovskaya
Diana Belotserkovskaya Translated from Russian by Eugene Pustoshkin Education is the initiation of a human being into his or her own innermost nature; the Force which originates in “an infinite potential-in-potentiality,” given to an individual at birth due to the nature of his or her origination from the unitive primordial principle, the infinite Force. Education plays a […]
1/18 – Psychonetics: A Russian Corpus of Psychotechnologies
Oleg Bakhtiyarov
Oleg Bakhtiyarov (Translated from Russian by Eugene Pustoshkin) Today the entire corpus of psychotechniques is so vast that one could find practices aimed at both resolving psychological, social or medical problems and developing supranormative skills necessary for performing extreme tasks in operational or intellectual activities. There are also, however, non-pragmatic motivations such as the drive […]
1/18 – Who benefits from vertical development in Russia today?
Anastasia Nekrasova and Irina Smirnova
Anastasia Nekrasova and Irina Smirnova An expanded individual: an end or a means? Coaching in Russia is a relatively new field. Although in its cradle, developmental coaching awakes curiosity – it seems to have powers to transform people and systems. How do those coaches use this power? Who benefits from the transformations they induce? This article […]
1/18 – A Russian Immigrant’s Experience at One of America’s Liberal Arts Programs and His Attempt at Making It More Integral
George Koupatadze
George Koupatadze Background & the Context My story is that of a typical immigrant.  My family and I decided to immigrate to the United States from Russia during the time of great turmoil in our home country – after the Soviet Union collapsed and together with it – our familiar way of life.  As the […]
1/18 – Integral Russian Experience: Developing a Training & Development System Through the Lens of the Integral “All-Quadrant” Approach
Elena Ryuse
Elena Ryuse In this short essay I want to discuss some actual examples and aspects of creating and developing a training system in Russian and international companies as seen through the perspective of the Integral approach.  I will briefly review some methods and tools which have proven to be successful and been applied in business […]
1/18 – Coaching Market Development in a Russian Business Context
Elena Ryuse
Elena Ryuse How does the coaching market develop in a Russian business context? What companies try to choose this tool for development of employees? This article will help in answering these questions. Two decades ago Spiral Dynamics emerged in America as a complexly structured system of organizational and cultural transformation (this system was founded by […]
Notes from the Field
1/18 – Gaining Maturity on the Path (Notes from the Russian Fields)
Lev Gordon
Lev Gordon Last two months I was going through an interesting period, which was over yesterday… On November 12 I turned 42 (an age often referred to as “middle age crisis”) and so it seems that a month before and a month after were some sort of cutting ties with the past and searching for […]
1/18 – To Russia, with love of extremes
Anouk Brack
Anouk Brack, MSc. In 2015 I traveled to Moscow twice to teach about Leadership Embodiment in the Embodiment Facilitator Course (EFC) by Mark Walsh and Alexandra Vilvovskaya. I was asked to reflect on my experience teaching in Russia for this special edition of Integral Leadership Review. Context: the Embodiment Facilitator Course This course is aimed […]
Book Reviews
3/7 – Vladimir Ern’s Philosophy of Eros and Logos (Excerpts from Ern’s Struggle for Logos)
Vladimir Ern
Vladimir Ern Translator’s note: Russian culture cannot be fully comprehended without rediscovering its sacred roots in the form of sophisticated and advanced Integral philosophical systems, often known as Russian religious or spiritual philosophies. What follows are some striking excerpts from Vladimir Ern (1882–1917), a noteworthy Russian philosopher and passionate defender of Eros and Logos who is […]
1/18 – Cultural Landscape: An Integral Perspective
Eugene Pustoshkin and Alexander Malakhov
Milana Vladimirovna Ragulina. Cultural Landscape: An Integral Perspective. (In Russian: Kul’turniy landshaft: integral’niy vzglyad). Ulyanovsk: Zebra, 2015. The book is available for free in Russian at elibary.ru. Eugene Pustoshkin and Alexander Malakhov Milana Vladimirovna Ragulina, PhD in Geographical Sciences, Doktor Geographicheskikh Nauk; leading research scientist at the Laboratory of Resource Management and Political Geography of the V. B. Sochava Institute […]