August 2012
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Leading Comments
Leading Comments
Russ Volckmann
Before looking at the material we are providing in this issue of ILR, I would like to thank our interns for 2011-2012. David Houglum, Gonzaga University, Tacoma, Washington Kathleen Huggins, Gonzaga University, Tacoma, Washington Vivian Pettries, Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota If it were not for this team of interns there would be a lot more […]
Leadership Coaching Tips
Leadership Coaching Tip: Sticking with it through a “Gumption Trap”
Andy Atwood
Andy Atwood Here is a real life tale about being an entrepreneur, a business partner, a naïve person, and the victim of embezzlement. It’s the tale of how a couple of old friends have been moving through one “Gumption Trap” after another. In 2008, my basketball shooting buddy, Al Heystek, told me that he had […]
Fresh Perspective
Fresh Perspective: A View from the Top — Tom Albanese, CEO, Rio Tinto
Russ Volckmann
Russ Volckmann Russ: Tom, let’s begin by learning a bit about your background. What part of New Jersey are you from? Tom: I grew up in Flemington, New Jersey, which is to the west in Hunterdon County. My family is still in that neck of the woods. I have a farm there that I’m going […]
Dr. Scott Conard, MD, DABFP, FAAFP, CDE and Integral Healthcare
Russ Volckmann
Russ Volckmann Currently Scott is Chief Medical Officer of ACAP Health and Holmes Murphy and Associates.  He possesses over two decades of experience as a medical doctor, business executive, physician leader and medical researcher. He is driven by a strong commitment to the transformation of healthcare into a patient oriented, physician directed, and accountable system […]
Integral North: The Alchemy of Potential
Mark McCaslin
Mark McCaslin Nature strives towards perfection. – Aristotle I originally began this issue’s column with quite a different idea. I had purposed myself to delve into the notion of Integral Leadership as a philosophy over a defined field. A recent conversation with Russ Volckmann was the catalyst for that idea. Then I learned that one […]
Integral Design Leadership: Personal Introduction
Lisa Norton
Lisa Norton “Changing, it rests.” -Heraclitus When Russ Volckmann posted an invitation to write about design thinking for ILR on a LinkedIn forum, I jumped at the chance. In this introduction, I’ve shared some of my background through stories from life and work. As I begin this column I am hoping that my contributions to […]
Transdisciplinary Reflections
Alfonso Montuori
Five Dimensions of Applied Transdisciplinarity Alfonso Montuori There’s an emerging literature arguing for the importance of a transdisciplinary approach, outlining its philosophical roots, and articulating the need for transdisciplinarity in our present situation. Transdisciplinarity is already branching out in many different forms and on many different levels, from the highly theoretical to the more applied. […]
The Master Code: Spiral Dynamics Integral
Don Beck
Meshworks Solutions: Doing what Needs to be Done! Don Beck Our Regrets. We were unable to secure this column for this issue. Please see the October issue that is forthcoming. We anticipate the column will resume then. Thanks, Russ
Feature Articles
Nelson Mandela and Unitive Leadership
Shawn OFallon
Shawn O’Fallon Abstract Nelson Mandela has become one of the most revered and recognized leaders in history. He is widely recognized for his forgiveness, compassion and humility and their considerable effects on his leadership and the success of anti-apartheid. Yet, surprisingly little deep analysis of Mandela’s leadership exists today. Analysis of Nelson Mandela’s language and […]
Integral Innovation & Creativity
Tom Bruno-Magdich
Tom Bruno-Magdich Most people in business today understand that organisations must embrace change and creativity in order to stay competitive in this ever shifting, global marketplace. The good news is every company that employs human beings has all the resources they need to help them innovate.  It’s their people stupid! Our experience working with a […]
Living Through Four Eras of Cognitive Development
Otto Laske
Otto Laske Abstract In this paper, I outline the graspable existential meaning of human cognitive development. By “existential” I refer not simply to the epistemological positioning of a person to the world as a knower, but the conceptual forces of the social world itself in which this positioning occurs. This world is suffused in language […]
Three Assumptions Underlying Integral Leaders’ Choices of Power
Robert Wayne Johnston
Robert Wayne Johnston It is no mystery we learn, for better or worse, more or less consciously and unconsciously, through our communications with other entities. These include communications with other humans, one’s spirit guide, other animals, our planet, and our cosmos — in every situation we find ourselves “learning in the laboratory of life.” Our […]
Metagogy: Teaching, Learning and Leading for the Second Tier
Mark L. McCaslin and Karen Wilson Scott
Mark L. McCaslin and Karen Wilson Scott Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence. ~Albert Einstein As we observe the mantle of instructor flow from student to student in an open […]
Leadership from a Cosmic Perspective[i]
Todd Duncan
Todd Duncan “A healthy consciousness is like a spider’s web, and you are the spider in the centre. The centre of the web is the present moment. But the meaning of your life depends on those fine threads which stretch away to other times, other places, and the vibrations that come to you along the […]
Learner Papers
Living Leadership: Integral Dimensions of a Complete Life
Walker Karraa
Walker Karraa As integral leadership juxtaposes Western and Eastern leadership philosophies and epistemologies, the contrast can often feel murky, ambiguous to those of us striving to live a life of leadership grounded in appreciation of difference, dare I say diversity. At this cross roads, Eastern philosophies appear more palatable to the West, and theories of […]
Leadership Stage Development and its Effect on Transformational Change
Jorge Taborga
Jorge Taborga Abstract This case study investigates the impact of leadership stage development in transformational change initiatives. In particular, it looks at how the structure and characteristics of leadership teams determine large change outcomes in organizations. The core theory that grounds this research is that post-conventional leadership is required for organizational transformation to take place. […]
Notes from the Field
`Developing Change from Within – in the Development Sector’ with Sara J. Wolcott
Ali Avery
Ali Avery What might an integral approach to development look like? What could its scope be? The London Integral Circle Salon met last month to hear Sara J. Walcott present her findings from a study that sought to measure the impact of an Indian public-sector Change Management Programme on the values of the people involved. […]
Alethic Integral Retreat, 18th – 20th May at Overmoigne, Dorset.
Tessa Martin
Tessa Martin I’m almost reluctant to attempt to write a review of the weekend that 14 “integral” lovers (8 Men, 6 Women) experienced with Gary at a beautiful venue in the Dorset countryside, from 2:00 PM Friday to 4:00 PM Sunday, I’m reluctant, as I don’t think my mind awareness can recall enough or my […]
Leadership3 – Festival of Perspectives – Living a New Leadership Culture
Hendryk Obenaus and Jonathan Klodt
Hendryk Obenaus and Jonathan Klodt How does a contemporary leadership culture look like, that can adequately face the challenges of the 21st century? This question was central to the conference – less theoretical but more as a lived experiment. Already preceding the conference this new culture in the working style of the core team and […]
Reflections on the Integral Forum, Berlin, 2012
Nataliya Yefimova
Nataliya Yefimova This summer we participated in the Integral Forum in Berlin. The decision to go there was made, first of all, from our deep desire to meet in person our European integral friends, who we’d known mainly through the network by that time. And surely it looked really attractive to make the acquaintance of new […]
Integral Leadership in Action 2012, Evolving Leadership for an Awakening World: Transforming Leadership through Theory, Action and Application
Lisa Norton and Lynne Palazzolo
Lisa Norton and Lynne Palazzolo LN: The Integral Leadership in Action (ILiA) conference May 17-21, 2012 in Santa Cruz, CA, created both an emergence and a continuance of the WE space in the Integral Community. During DJ Sosan’s fabulous dance party, Jennifer Blalock asked me if I would like to write a brief post-conference reflection. […]
The 22nd Annual National Leadership Symposium, University of Richmond, Virginia
Marilyn Bugenhagen and David Rosch
Marilyn Bugenhagen Sponsored by the National Association for Campus Activities and the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs For over 22 years, two organizations have been holding an annual symposium on leadership programs to further dialogue on the evolution of leadership development and to promote the various aspects to developing leadership through higher education.  The focus […]
Integral Journey, 2012: Hawaii – San Francisco – Denver
Marina Danilova
Marina Danilova An Integral Journey is a unique way to find a source of energy and drive it into yourself, an exciting opportunity to disclose your own strengths to realize what used to seem to belong to the world of dreams only. What am I doing? What am I contributing to the world? What do […]
Leadership Emerging
Mats Alvesson and André Spicer, Metaphors We Lead By: Understanding Leadership in the Real World.
Don Benson
Don Benson Mats Alvesson and Andre Spicer (2011). Metaphors We Lead By: Understanding Leadership in the Real World. New York: Routledge. My friend cares a lot about leadership. And therefore so do I. The trouble is that there seems to be more written about leadership than I can make sense of. The deconstruction of leadership […]
Andy Stefanovich, Look @ More
Andy Stefanovich (2011). Look @ More: A Proven Approach to Innovation, Growth, and Change. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. In many ways the title of this book is at the heart of the integral, meta and transdisciplinary approaches to comprehending any occurance, personal, interpersonal, organizational, etc. Here Andy Stefanovich shares what he has been bringing to organizations […]
Joann Danelo Barbour et al, Eds. Leading in Complex Worlds
Joann Danelo Barbour, Gloria J. Burgess, Lena Lid Falkman, Robert M. McManus,  Eds. (2012). Leading in Complex Worlds, A Volume in the International Leadership Association Series, Building Leadership Bridges. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Every year the International Leadership Association produces a book in their Building Leadership Bridges series. This volume sought contributions that were “multiperspetive in […]
Carol S. Pearson, Ed., The Transforming Leader
Carol S. Pearson, Ed., (2012). The Transforming Leader: New Approaches to Leadership for the Twenty-First Century. San Francisco: Barrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. This is a book I had great hope for when I first learned of it. First, it was published by my favorite publisher of popular works on leadership and development. Second, it was edited […]
Carter Phipps, Steve McIntosh and Andrew Cohen on Evolution
Here are three books written by three people who are linked in their work and/or their writing, all related to the subject of evolution. Phipps was editor of What is Enlightenment, later EnlightenmentNext, publications sposored by Andrew Cohen and in which Cohen’s work and dialogues with Ken Wilber were featured. Phipps and McIntosh reference each […]
Ginny Whitelaw, The Zen Leader
Ginny Whitelaw (2012). The Zen Leader: 10 Ways to go From Barely Managing to Leading Fearlessly. Pompton Plains, NJ: Career Press. Ginny Whitelaw is a leadership expert and roshi (Zen master). She is the author of The Zen Leader and founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership. She has taught and coached in global leadership […]
Book Reviews
Depth Economics: A Review of Tomas Sedlacek, Economics of Good and Evil: The Quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street
Graham Mummery
Tomas Sedlacek, Economics of Good and Evil. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011. Graham Mummery If, for a moment, we accept the economic consensus view that growth is the solution to the current economic crisis, one “growth area” we might observe is the crop of books and articles about that same crisis. As the great economist […]
A Review of Barbara Kellerman, The End of Leadership
Richard A. Couto
Kellerman, Barbara. The End of Leadership. (New York: Harper Business). 2012 Richard A. Couto “I think it’s the most important leadership book of the past decade.” With that, the editor handed off Barbara Kellerman’s latest book, The End of Leadership for me to review. I was already positively biased towards Kellerman’s work. She has been […]
Integral: The “New” Human Potential Movement
Russ Volckmann
I am old enough to have lived and worked through most of the years of the Human Potential Movement. This was a period that saw the establishment of the Esalen Institute, the rising popularity of a wide range of therapies from gestalt to transactional analysis, to neoReichian body therapies and Rolfing, to sensory awareness and […]